Any of you guys hunt?

wow i got skunked this year, i had off all of thanksgiving week, hunted up at my cabin in Ellicottville and saw lots of does and only one 4pt:shrug:

i got skunked as well my dad got 2 my uncle got 1

should have drove to east otto we have a lot :gotme:

Yeah, I got shafted this season. I bow hunt, shotgun, black powder, then back to bow. I went almost every day at the begining of bow to half way through shotgun…but I got tired of not seeing shit. One of the biggest reasons I think, is the lack of water holes. A lot of water sources were dried up.
I dont want to get political but, its getting old all the huge HUUUUGE peices of land (that city people buy up, and have never stepped foot on the land, let alone walk through it)that is getting posted up, leaving hunters to hunt on a section of land that you can see traffic almost 3 out of 4 sections of the property. THEN, to add to that…its public land and some young prick comes up to you and tells you how its pissing him off that so many people are coming to “his” hunting area (which is public). It almost gets me to not even want to hunt anymore. I just love the nature, the sound of the outdoors, and the meat (when I get one or more)

People have posted so much land that its been on the news now. Now these greedy people dont want people on there land are going to get money from the government to let people hunt on there land.
Also, hunters need to stop just going for big trophy bucks, or just bucks and letting the does go. Its hurting the population.

Tons in Arcade where I hunt.

One of the biggest reasons I think, is the lack of water holes.

Great point!!
I have been hunting the bergen swamps for years and this year was by far the driest year I have ever seen. I mean DRY, no standing water what so ever, and this place is usually underwater all year.

Also, hunters need to stop just going for big trophy bucks, or just bucks and letting the does go. Its hurting the population.

Unfortunatly, proper deer managment is never going to happen unless everyone’s on the same page. Most hunters I know have the mentality that if it’s brown, it’s down. If the gennesse valley was properly managed, there would be alot of records shot around here.

I’ve had a pretty good year so far, 2 does, a 6 pointer and a coyote. I’m done till muzzle.

I cant wait to go black bear hunting with my .357

i dont even bother hunting on state land, seems all NYS gives us is every piece of shit land that no one wants for anything else. On opening day, i went to 9 mile state forrest near Alleghaney NY. I counted 36 cars (probably 2 guys to a car) gut piles by the side of the road, dead deer that looked like the size of German Sheppards, made me want to puke

My gf was telling me to go hunting by her parents house…in the Bergen area…guess I should have went.

i hunted Westvalley at the nuclear plant. they got a great system set up there where theres only 10 hunters in each section at a time. and theres 7 sections. i didnt have doe permits this year but i would have cleaned up i saw at least 15 easy shots…they will even test your meat for you for free!! lol but its a very nice area to hunt.

yes, dosnt seem to be as many deer as a few years ago though, did you hunt bow/gun or both?

Got my first deer ever. First ever shot. First archery season. Practice makes perfect…
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@1QIKZ see the problem is that your house is too big to make that buck look impressive on the wall. You either need to kill a Rhino, or get at least 5 more deer heads, lol.

Not a problem. He has friends.

I was at a house. Had a moose head and a full black bear. That seems to fit better for you.

I did have a black bear here years ago. Springtime though.

Necro thread revival. Got a new one to replace the old one on the wall. After a frightening years long drought, drilled this boy yesterday afternoon 20 minutes after I sat down. Not a huge rack but he was definitely a heavy boy. Gonna make for a shit ton of venison terriyaki snack sticks.


Hell yeah, nice :+1:t2:

You know… out of context, this could really help your social media algorithms.

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