anybody go to that buffalo news job fair in cheektowaga yesterday?

So, my aunt knows I’m looking for a new IT job. She’s like oh yeah the buffalo news is having a career fair at the Millenium Hotel. I’m like great, a few miles from my apt, i’ll be there.

So it says dress professionally, so I wear my usual office attire.

I arrive there, and just walk around the room instead of registering.

I was really excited that there would be some good places looking for IT work.

I start walking around, who do I find?

Rotor Rooter, Tops Supermarkets, Wegmans, a telemarketing company, buffalo news.

There was like 10 companies there tops, it was all crap entry jobs.

Back to the drawing board I suppose.

yea those things are never very good. i went to one and that was enough for me

I don’t know if you have no experience or what…I have been watching or whatever the buffalo news job finder is…Applied 2 places got offered a job at both…These were mid level jobs but they were also hiring entry level.

There are a number of computer staffing places in Buffalo that can get you in some where.

I searched for awhile and theres nothing in the IT department up here, especially anything past entry level. I can’t wait to move to Virginia/DC area where IT is flowing out the butt down there and awesome starting salaries in the network administration department.

But I am stuck here for a while, so I’ll enjoy living check to check haha

You guys need to look harder…

The problem is, companies like to do job placements from recommendations from other employees, takes a lot of the guesswork out of the company.

Also, you’d be suprised how many people know entry level IT job stuff, it’s kinda flooded.

i hate to be that guy, but seriously, do you live in a constant rain cloud? nothing you ever post is anything but bad, you are always compaining.

hire a recruiter. thats what they do, get you a job. and most of the time its free because they get commissioned from the hiring company

Thats really not the problem.

I’m about 2 years out of school.

Have about 2 years experience.

I started off doing call support, then got a job with a small company here in buffalo earning less but getting more experience.

I got laid off from the call support job, so I took on the other job because they offered it to me.

At that job, I basically oversee 50 employees, doing helpdesk. Also being a general tech, repairing everything under the sun, and building their network from the ground up, as well as admin’ing it.

So its not even like I’m looking to answer phones at client logic, or answer phones anywhere for that matter. I did that shit when i was in college.

What I’d like is maybe a network admin assistant job, or a field tech job.


they have relationships with existing companies and they WILL find you a job

Nah thats not true, I’m just tapping all my resources to look around for a quality job here in buffalo.

Its not a negative post, I just found it kind of funny that the buffalo news hyped the shit out of this job fair.

I go there, and there are ten booths filled with jobs such as roto rooter, and cashier jobs at tops.

As I was walking out to my car, there was another dude my age (20 something). I could hear him muttering to himself “fucking roto-rooter”.

I talked to the guy for a minute, we just laughed how this is supposed to be showcasing the jobs in buffalo/niagara, and it shows whats really available.

The old saying is very true. Its not what you know, its who you know.

I still keep in contact with some of the guys who graduated with me. Some are doing ok, and they got their IT jobs through friends and family, not experience, and not their education. If they have a basic education and a referral from someone inside, they get the job asap.

I do a ton of networking. I know so many people. Recently I was offered a job in Salamanca working for the Seneca Nation as a field tech. I’m actually considering it now. But who wants to drive 90 minutes each way to work a 12 dollar an hour job with odd hours, and plan on working every holiday?

I’m not a negative dude at all, i’m the exact opposite.

Thanks I will look into that.

Can you recommend a few good ones I can submit a resume to?

:lol: boy is the joke gonna be on you.

Stay away from dead end help desk jobs…If you already did your help desk time a year or so your ready to move on.

A lot of places will give you a chance

i dont know any local ones… but i have them calling me weekly trying to get me to leave my current employer. they typically dont get paid until they place someone at a job, so they will try very hard to do so… i think there is a place on transit between walden and mcdonalds by tops in depew/cheektowaga near louies hotdogs. if thats still there. look online im sure they are out there.

i agree with justin, in that it is who you know. i have the same education as him, and admittedly know much less about IT.

i got lucky with a resume actually getting read somewhere, passed the phone interview… and then told my dearest mother about the actual interview. well, she knew some of the influential people, and i get the job making actually more than they advertised to start.

don’t get me wrong, i still had a great interview and was easily qualified… but unless you have an inside edge, sometimes it’s hard to beat out 25 or 50 or 500 other people.

Another useful tip…I don’t know how you have your resume laid out…

But if you just have a list of skills full of buzz words many places will pass it by…Try to out line major projects you have handled and worked on.

At least this is what all the HR people I have talked to look for…

+1 for recruiter. They get paid good money to place people, so they work hard at it and try to get as many people hired as possible. They take your resume, match it up with jobs that companies have hired them to fill, and schedule interviews for you. They don’t try to get you an interview, they just schedule them with the companies that have hired them.

I had my resume up on monster, hot jobs, career builder, etc and had recruiters calling me. Get your resume in order and get it out there. Addecco Professional is one recruiting place that kept in touch with me. There were others but I don’t remember names.


Established Leadership skill
Demonstrable project managment qualities

But You have to be able to RELATE these statements to the position at hand. Or at the very least, not sound like You copied them off of the internets.

Hmm I just got another call back…

Going there tonight to get the offical offer lol

Justin if you can do unix/networking/apache/mysql admin/dns you can have my old job :slight_smile: