Anyone end up investing in Bitcoins?


Very $$$


Yeah ummm, I was told I would get rich quick and it’s taking waaaaay too long.


Good deal on TRX now

Where are them daily 30% gains?


Ehhh… anyone else get a random 0.997 WaltonCoin in Binance? It just appeared out of nowhere…




So when does ETH over take BTC? Wish I transfered my btc over to it about 2 months ago when btc stopped mooning


Refer back to posts 794, 797-799 of this thread.


Must be some sort of glitch… or time to update my login info?


Sea of Red Boys. Except ethereum. Any guesses why??


i’d say it all depends on the $ you want to spend and the availability, personally I work with amd cards, always have. I know the ins and outs of them for the most part. i’d say for two card rig you could probably build it around 1k with a couple of rx480/580 right now a couple places have them under 300$

the most difficult thing i’ve found is if you are building to support 4-6 cards, really if you are looking at anything over 4 cards per rig you have to be very picky on the motherboard you get. the one i bought said it could support 6, but after some more research, people were having trouble getting more than 4 to work. it took me days of trying different things to get the 5th card up and running, I wont be going with that same board next time


Because Bitcoin price has been dropping?

Alts did well when Bitcoin was just moving sideways


This latest drop started when coinmarketcap removed several big South Korean indexes from their price calculations and any coin that traded heavily in SK saw an instant 10 to almost 20% drop in value. That kind of drop sets off two things, automated orders and panic selling, which just causes more selling. What’s interesting is once the reason for the drop became public knowledge you would expect the money to flow back in and prices to recover but that hasn’t happened. My guess is a lot of that new money from Coinbase credit card investors jumping in with money they didn’t really have found out that crypto isn’t all 100% gains every 5 days and they bailed. Looking at the credit card bill they can’t pay growing by 20+% interest while the coin they bought too late because it was near the top of the curve drop in value caused some serious FUD and they cashed out their losses and moved on.

Meanwhile I sit here holding while complaining to my buddy that my gains on LTC, XRP, and TRX are “only” 115%, 48% and 185% respectively on a game I started 12/2/17. Go look at the gains for all of 2017 on your 401k (You have a 401k right? If not WTF are you doing in here?) for some perspective.


VeChain one of those random cryptos I threw money at is doing good right


When TRX goes from .29c to .11c and I am still 275% over my initial investment, I think it’s pretty good. The news will be “bubble burst, crypto crash” but most of us are still way up lol. I will keep buying things up on the low. Just wait for tax season guys

Also I think the red you are seeing is more on the “top tier” of the market cap of coins because people are redistributing trying to get into the small market cap coins most of which arent on Binance, with the idea that they will become rich quick. Looking at total market cap it is hovering around 710+ but the money is being dumped into something else. BTC dominance keeps going down

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You mean somebody accidentally sent it to me?


VEN :tup:


Some interesting news today. South Korea talking about banning crypto exchange trading:

Ripple and Moneygram announce currency exchange test based on XRP token:

Without the SK news I bet Ripple would be over $3 again right now.


That when a lot of the pullback happened too, the SK news came out about 12hrs ago


It’s a wild ride boys!!


Anyone seen @boxxa?