Anyone end up investing in Bitcoins?



Already had TRX, XLM, XRP

Probably throw some at a few other coins on that spreadsheet.

MANA, FUN, AION, ARK, WAVES, OMG all seemed interesting also


Thumbs up :smiley:

Before Binance halted reg of new users, they were getting up to 250k new subscribers a day. The demand is certainly there haha


it hasn’t seemed to go up much as of yet since i’ve been mining it, my output hasn’t changed at all.

its rough out there right now, i think the next batch we are going to get are rx580’s…IF they are still available lol

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How long have you been mining zcash?

More and more I get the feeling that at least half of people investing right now are plain dumb…like a herd of cattle running back and forth. Particularly in the case of TRX.

A week ago the projections were $0.27 by end of 2018, and over $1 by 2023. Here we went to a high of .29 and came back down to .13-.15 because some random redditor posts something that anybody with a brain can see is completely false. By the logic in that reddit FUD post, I have sold over 1million of my TRX. Wait… I wish I had a million of it :smiley: :smiley: At this rate, you wont need a crystal ball, just watch for Justin announcements and the reddit fud and the wave pattern is layed out for you nicely.


for a couple of months now, give or take. its nice getting payments every few hours thats for sure


So, for someone new to all this, is it still profitable to mine certain altcoins at this point in the game? How involved/powerful does the rig need to be at this stage? I’ve looked into zcash and a few others.

Also with Binance closed for new registrations, what other options are out there for someone late to the party.


yes its profitable. depends on the cards you use and what coin you are going after. i have a rig that is two cards and is profitable.


Even my 670 sli setup is profitable just not much. 130 sols

You’re not late yet, Binance will open registrations once they upgrade their infrastructure. In the meantime someone else here may have a better option. Just be careful about selecting a random one, I thought I would be smart, looked at coinmarketcap and found an exchange where TRX was cheaper than on Binance , bought 5300 TRX and when I went to withdraw, it gives me a message “Must prove identity first”. The problem with that is the list of countries that you can select for nationality do not include the US or Belarus.

Proof of ID can be passport or driver license. Russian Federation is on the list but I’m not sure I could or want to pull that off. I have both a Belarusian and US passport. I will just have to wait it out until crypto is unbanned in China, that’s when they should open to US members etc.


I have a pc sitting in my dining room. Fx 8350 gtx 1060 6gb and 16gb ram. I’d like to mine some. If you have some time I’d like to find out how to.


@97eclipse Limited registrations on Binance now open


Thanks for the heads up!

Still looking into setting up a modest mining rig, if anyone has any suggestions.


@LZ look at your ARN :wink: Well it was at 35500 now at 31000 I bought and pressed wrong button and sold at cheaper than bought :smiley: :smiley: but still ended up buying up more TRX than I had to start with :slight_smile: could have been an extra 5k+ trx though if I sold ARN at the right price though lol. I Wish I had another 5k to drop into this for just my trading so I could leave the TRX stash alone



you can def do it with what you have. the only problem is most of the mining programs work with either amd or nvidia, I mine with amd.

I’m looking into this app that one of the bigger miners made that can mine eth/zcash/monero and a few others pretty much automatically so i’ll keep ya posted on that. but otherwise, just need to find what program will work with nvidia and i can help you from there with pools etc.

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i can give suggestions, how modest are we talking. and will it be used for anything other than mining?


How much can you make with mining? I’ve thought about building a rig…


~$5/day on a single nvidia 1080 mining zcash.


Is that your profit?


After electric. Thats a calculatorvprice.


Modest meaning starting out with 1 or 2 cards for now. Perhaps with room to grow to 4 or 6 total later down the road. This would only be used for mining. What cards do you recommend? How realistic is it to keeping the starting cost under 1k. Any direction you could give would be helpful. Thanks.

On a side note, I had no idea that cards were so scarce these days. I would imagine this is a direct result of the crypto hype.


Niceplace to find in stock cards.


The real crypto money looks to be in finding a hookup at Nvidia to supply you with cards and then resell them at gross markups like a bunch of these sites are doing.