Anyone end up investing in Bitcoins?


My business accepts bitcoin for payment. At least I’m trying to embrace the future lol…or go broke!


Are you holding or cashing it right back out? In either case, how are you adjusting quotes/pricing to cover your ass? The volatility and price swings on crypto have made it nearly impossible to take them seriously as a “currency” at this time.


I haven’t really gotten paid with it yet. On my yelp account it asked about what type of payments I had selected, it had bit coin as an option thay I selected. I guess I would have to calculate it’s worth and either cash it in right away in case the markers goes down.


Overstock does it , you can pay with the top cryptos for anything on the site. The problem with BTC is the transaction time and fee. There is plenty software available for places like Overstock that allows automatic adjustment of how much BTC is required for whatever it is you are trying to pay for based on current exchange rates.The window on Overstock is 15 minutes for receipt of the crypto. When Microsoft cited price fluctuations were reason for suspension of BTC acceptance, that was nonsense because they are well aware of how to get around that. They resumed it the next day or a couple days after

If anybody is interested and may not have known, Binance has a PC client that seems to solve lag issues that can be downloaded here, also if you are not aware, Binance will buy back 20% of their profit in BNB and burn it any day now. Q1 burn was about 1million coins I believe, considering their profits went through the roof from 3 months ago, this could be something. Just saying, I am clearly not an expert.
@TradersBASE are you a day trader when it comes to stocks or more long term hold? For somebody who wants to get into the stock market where would you suggest to start with reading material, information portals etc. Do you do something along the lines of that? In my lifetime Belarus went through 3 currency devaluations and market crashes so people don’t believe in that stuff and I was brought up in a culture that doesn’t believe in anything but investing in your own skills and tools, appliances etc. On the other hand here in the US there is so much out there that it’s a bit hard to know where to start especially considering the amount of conning going on. The stock market simulation that I did in HS is obviously not how it works in real life today with HFTs and all that.


sitting on a bunch of ripple and tron watching it slowly decline…the struggle is real.

I think a few of these will come out on top and become common place for payment and money transfer in our lifetimes. There is just too much money being pissed away to the banks for it not to.



^LOL, that sucks.


Never tried to sell and pull out. But if I want to sell a chunk of Xrp on bitstamp can it be sold and money deposited into my bank account?


I love how the article fails to mention that either the next or 2 days after Microsoft stopped support of BTC, it started again.


I take a three day vacation and come back to a total bloodbath.

China and SK really going hard.

I think someone’s afraid their banks and stocks aren’t getting all the money anymore.

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On a serious note, I’ve lost about 20 grand in 3 days. God damn HODL


Haha, I was out of town this weekend too. I planned on holding at least a year, probably two anyway.


yeah this doesnt scare me one bit. its happened before but stuff hadnt run up quite so much.

in fact, i’m glad i waited to buy the dip, this may be exactly what any ‘long’ was looking for.


It dips every year this time and if you didn’t get just in a couple months ago you’re still way up.


Damn, just went over to and did a sort on the Change 24h column. Only 3 coins out of EVERYTHING they track that aren’t in the red.

EDIT: Nevermind, they changed their sort. it used to sort EVERYTHING now it looks like it’s only sorting based on the 100 your have displayed.


So anyways guys my portfolio is now Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple and IOTA.

Near future though I’m planning to invest $1000 into Choon. I may be slightly biased though since the founder is one of my favorite musicians. I did read the white paper and definitely like the idea of the project.

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Bitconnect dead lmao


Great! Markdowns and sales at a time when I don’t have the extra cash to put in.

So much of this is beyond logical though… How is TRX with no real product at 3b marketcap, and BNB that is part of one of the best trading platforms and is used for fees and as a trading currency, only around 1.1b?

I hope this bloodbath continues! If this is because of the China crackdown report, it’s absurd! The “memo” wasn’t about banning crypto but about banning day trading with fiat. The US is already doing that here with the ban on day trading, through tax regulation.

It would be a great conspiracy if China came out with this “ban” and then later said “but TRX is ok, you can use that! We encourage you!”

That’s why while I love the idea of Tron but when Justin says decentralized every other sentence and then praises state recognition of his project… Decentralized —Communism aren’t exactly a great fit


Any been here?


@nermoria you certainly drank the koolaid with bitcoin eh?


How so? I’m glad of this " crash". Historically this is nothing. Sure i should have followed my gut and locked in with USDT when I was at $13k but if I had $5k laying around right now I would still go into

The train has left the station, crypto is the future, the red you see now is just hysteria and fear

Case in point, there was a time when bitcoin went to $1k then down to $300-$400 and then stayed like that for at least half a year if i’m not mistaken. At a total market cap of $50b you can still make money, the difference is at that price the US dollar is a lot more powerful which in some ways is a better thing


I started with 9 grand, got close to 6 figs, down to 25.

If I get close to 9 again I might as well bail.

If i lose it all eh, I told myself invest what i can lose.