Anyone end up investing in Bitcoins?


It’s getting hard to HODL in here.


Not for me. I put in money I could afford to lose so I’m just going to ride it out. Sure as hell not selling now when I’m only up about 55% after being up 400%.

Shows the utter insanity of this though when you think about the fact that I made my first crypto buy on 12/2 and I’ve seen my investment go from 400% gains to 55% gains in a month and half.


I locked in 500 bucks last week in pure profits and am now letting house money ride… Just throwing the remainder on my ledger nano and letting it ride.

I started selling bitcoin about 2 weeks ago. Wish I sold more.



im about ready to go on some more. i like the historical precedence for this dip.

in fact, these are the kind of dips you hope for.


January 2015 Dip - Jan 9th to Jan 14th (5 days) - Dropped 37% and took around 5 days to recover
January 2016 Dip - Jan 14th to Jan 16th (2 days) - Dropped 16% and took around 5 days to recover
January 2017 Dip - Jan 5th to Jan 12th (7 days) - Dropped 33% and took around 6 days to recover
January 2018 Dip - Jan 8th to Jan XXX (8 days (so far) - Dropped (currently) 41%.


Are the dates purely coincidental?


What were the price points before and after these drops?


Picked up a cheap drill press at HF to make more rigs. Sold my first one with shitty quality, drilling by hand. Spent 25 to make, 20 to ship, sell for 70.


next one you make, can I take a look at it and see if it something we’d like?


What many seem to be ignoring out there is the fear sharp drops seal into the market. Past support has now become resistance, should price try to reverse. I’m not saying price can’t/won’t break through and go on to new highs, only that the weak hands now have price levels overhead where they can end their pain. These prior levels of buying activity are where supply tends to enter the market and slow if not halt rallies.

This drop was across the crypto board pretty much, far larger than any past fallout in dollar/market cap terms. Also this fallout impacted far more participants than ever before which may (or may not) prove problematic for perma-bulls.


I’ll let ya know when I make another, got some other projects first. Obviously I’d sell to you at a discount.

Blood bath again brograns


sounds good, thanks


VEN has been great :tup:


Yes ven!


I’m giving up on @choko 's newsletter lol. I’m too scared to day trade on my own.


boy, the weed stock train is much nicer than the crypto train. just sayin.

you can do actual due diligence and research with earnings and production capacities and brands etc.

plus it’ll help get you through this trough right now.


Risk management/market psychology needs to be in place before anything like a newsletter would be of value.

Not to mention the exchanges/brokers are tested, proven to be reliable. I’m going back to futures, tax preference and liquidity to the moon.


I got about 25K in crypto, I’ve been taking my leftover paycheck money and buying silver and putting extra towards my mortgage and savings account. I haven’t looked at the market cap. I’m guessing if I check again after the Chinese New Year I’ll either have zero dollars or hopefully 50+. I should have cashed out when I was near six figs.

EDIT: Getting out of IOTA. I can’t stand the wallet and the whole project just doesn’t give me good feels. I wish them all the best. Transferring my 500 to get 1000+ ripple.


I’m not sure if i’m just being an idiot and waiting for litecoin to get above $300 again in which I would then begin making money on it, or If I should sell before then.