Anyone end up investing in Bitcoins?


I think when Bitfinex and Tether are fully exposed it’s going to drop even harder, hard as balls into that pussy.


I sold mine, I probably should have just built a mining rig instead, that way I could always sell the GPUs or have a computer that would potentially be good for gaming.


I am going to jump back in after the Tether disaster is over. If it doesn’t happen I’ll just move on.


Read my prior comment about why this time appears to be different. YMMV


Good points @TradersBASE I cashed out at marketcap 450, it’s 398 now. I must say I’ve never gotten so excited over seeing it drop more and more I’m foaming at the mouth. This must be the rush day traders get. Just the thought of doubling my coins with the same amount of money and so on, ahhhhhhhh


Damn, the bloodbath continues. I’m now only up 11%. Will today be the day I finally lose money on this shit? Still going to hold, like I said, this is money I can afford to lose and I think there’s a lot better chance that in 6 months those of you that bailed will be kicking yourselves than I will have lost money.


PRES Coin up though





Looks like funny money isn’t working out too well.


It worked out well for those that understood the concept of hype, momentum and didn’t get sucked into HODL. The HODL crew may prove correct eventually, though at this point there is fear baked into the crypto market. Past support has now become resistance, points where people can exit at break even and end their pain. Most tend to take that out, generally speaking.


Any thoughts on the tether situation???

EDIT: I Pulled my original investment out, leftover with 10K to play with. Now the fear has dissipated @TradersBASE


WOOOOOO! I’m 100% out waiting to read news and see what happens, possibly set some limit orders to jump back in. Total invested roughly 8900$. Cashed out with 13, not bad 4 g’s - 20% for taxes. But man, i was riding the longest high ever when I was just under 6 figs. I’m going to use crypto as a lesson for life to make sure to pull out profits periodically.


I think many people learned quite a bit from this wild ride, which is awesome. Scaling in/out helps reduce risk at major inflection points. Proper position management and trend analysis are crucial when trying to enhance profit retention. Every time your investment doubles, if you don’t trim the profit you’re essentially doubling down. Compounding is a powerful force, capable of making or breaking your year.



Compound interest is the most powerful force in the universe.

-Albert Einstein

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When you’re feeling down, remind yourself of the millions of people who threw away their life savings and fell for shit such as bitconnect. Don’t forget the people that also have contracts in mining in which they paid for up front for x number of years.


Take the 4gs you made and throw it back in…1000 on ripple, 1000 on tron…etc


Why? At what price? Using what strategy? Just to please the HODL crew or is there some brains/strategy behind the purchase?


Idk about tron :lol:


I’m looking at it as a gamble with house money.
As to what investment right now is the “smartest” I think that’s a complete crap shoot right now unless you can show me someone who has accurately predicted any of this. My money is on lite coin and ripple for the next year.

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Ya i dont know what to believe with that anymore. When i read the whitepaper i thought it was all just bs, but i thought his puppy game might take off over in asia and drive up the price.


China will reportedly block anyone in the country from accessing websites that offer cryptocurrency trading services or initial coin offerings (ICOs). Advertisements relating to Bitcoin and other virtual currencies have also been scrubbed from search engines and social media in the country…

China getting serous about the ban hammer.