Anyone end up investing in Bitcoins?


China killed the puppies…
That explains a lot. I dont know how I missed that. I saw the india thing but no one made much of it.


Rebound today, I’m going to put in about 2 grand on bitcoin and set a stop loss order before I pass out this morning. I have a feeling it’s going to rally to 10K after the congressional meeting yesterday.


Dude if you were really sitting at $90K with a sub $10K buy in and didn’t cash out… ughhhhhh


Don’t put him back on suicide watch you dick…


lol it is what it is! it sucks thats all there is to it


Mafuggas need to learn how to scale in/out and reduce their risk as overall risk grows. The cryptos have trended pretty damn clean, support/resistance has given many good signals for those wise enough to take note. Every time price doubles and you don’t reduce risk, you’re essentially doubling down. Compounding is a double edged sword, live by it but don’t die by it.


Binance… :bigtdown:


Very true! I pulled out 8 grand and left my original 5 in. I’m ready to do this right.


Ripple up like a mofo! DON’T FORGET TO PULL PROFITS :smiley:

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        @TradersBASE when you sell to take profits, do you withdraw that money to an actual bank, or wait to reinvest it banking on the market dropping?? I’ve been doing a lot of reading on the proper way to take profits cause up until now I’ve always been a HODLer, whether crypto or regular stocks, every paycheck just throw a couple bucks in.


up 80k…hold

up 70k…ugh…still holding

up 60k…ugggghhh…still holding

up 50k…uggghhhhhhh…still holding

up 40k…uggggggghhhhhh…still holding

up 30k…uggggghhhhhhhhhhh…still holding

up 20k…ugggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhh…still holding

up 10k…uggggghhhhhhhhhh still holding

Cash out 4k…Fun ride…learned some lessons…


:lol: At that point people should have just let it ride its back up to 8500 from 6000 low


LOL pretty much!!!


what happened?


They had an outage people claimed they were hacked…

It was just an outage everything is fine and its back up and running


Where has Nemoria or whatever his name is? He’s been quiet in this thread lately.


Yea and they claimed there would be a 30 minute window to cancel any open orders before they came back online. I couldn’t get on to cancel a limit sell i had and lost a solid 10%.




Call me,


ugh sorry lol he still have a viper so its all good




Ripple keeps making waves, testing both money gr and western union, I may start buying again, got a nice tax return :slight_smile: