anyone here in sales at a car dealerships?

just curious how many people (if any) are in automobile sales here. my main question is, how often do you run across people with credit scores of below 600? because i get it all the damn time. i’m actually considering moving back up to WNY, and i was just wondering how often i’m going to have to deal with credit criminals

skurge used to.

and nikuk knows his credit shit…


average here in buffalo is middle 6’s @ least @ northtown hyundai it was rare to see some1 over 7

Someone here works for a Honda Dealership too.


si01 works for northtown

they see me rolling, they hating, my credit, trying to get me ryding kia’s

it’s rare to see someone over 700? damn! hell even here in the shithole of the country in WV we have a good deal of people in the mid 800’s. but there are many, many more below 600. i think i get more customers who we can’t get approved than people who can actually buy cars. it pisses me off

rare meaning like not every day, but a couple tiems a week, i was there 3 months and we had 5 people that were in teh 800’s

but remember this was subaru/hyundai… not usualyl 800 credit score territory

There is way more here then where u are man, buffalo is broke. I sell very high end vehicles. It’s all in what vehicles you are selling and how well business are doing in the area. Lower end cars = lower end clients. I sell to alot of people in Boston, NYC, NJ and FL.

i had an 801 one month. then i bought my car im around 760 now.

who do you work for?

also, i sell primarily Toyota, however we do have Hyundai as well