Anyone know a guy that can get broken exhaust bolts out of an aluminum head

I finally decided to fix a lot of the things that were bugging me on my 05 envoy and it fights me at every step.

Muffler man stripped out my o2 sensor threads after I could not get it out so it was half assed enough to sort of work.

They also said the manifold was cracked.
Fast forward 2 years and it’s on my list.

2 bolts were already broken. That explains the noise.
(No cracks)

And I broke 2. Only 1 of the 4 is outside the head so i can likely weld a nut to it and get it out.

The other 3 are near or inside the head.

Before I go buy a right angle drill and extractor set, does anyone know a mobile machine shop type guy I can call about pricing?

Or reccomend an extractor set. I was looking at straight flute with a drill guides.

The truck is immobile since I have no power steering parts installed at the moment and it’s off the road. At least I could get an early August DMV appointment.

Best bet is to still weld a few small bead balls on the stud and build off it until you can weld a nut to it. The heat from constant tacking will help loosen it up also. You have to find really hard welding wire to be most effective.

I’ll give that a shot 1st.

The bolt that is exposed should tell me how good of a job my cheap welder can do.

There is enough thread that it goes 1/8 into a nut, but my high end lincoln weld pak on a 50 foot extension cord does not actually weld the nut to the bolt. They spin off leaving the bolt unharmed.

I may try again tomorrow, but I do not expect much.

Turn up heat, the bolt is probably really hard from the million heat cycles.

I’ll mess with them at some point this week.

I figure I can button up the entirely new power steering, bolts up the new manifold where I’m able and drive it someplace.

I’m pretty sure trailblazer/envoy exemplified everything that was wrong with 2000’s GM products and engineering.

Best of luck, this sounds like a god damn nightmare

Update. To get around my concern on running my welder through a long shitty extension cord I tried my generator. After cleaning the carb 3 times. Just enough that it would run, and ordered a new one from our new church (amazon of course)

As hot as I could get it, and it still spun of the bolt.
Gave up and took it to a guy in Barker. He was able to get that bolt out, and had to helicoil another.

The last two on cylinder 6 he could not do much around the weld I put in the hold to build it up and skipped it.

~$200 including removing/reinstalling the manifold. Everything else in the area was already removed.
Now I just have to put it all back together tonight so we can head to Chautauqua in the morning for the 1st camping trip of the year.

Side story, I had to finish the power steering before taking it there. It was also a PITA.

I replaced the entire system and the power steering fluid fountain sucked when I started it up.
Turned out I mangled a stupid $15 ‘cup seal’ when installing the lines.

Good thing I stripped the bolt that held them in because GM makes parts out of butter and it took me another hour or two to slot it and get it out. (too small and large for my extractors)

At least there were exactly two bolts in stock at WNY dealers. 1 at Paddock and 1 at Basil.
Never mind that my dealer sent me to Davis to get the incorrect, only one in WNY, bolt.

Good times. Still worth not having car payments.
(now that it’s mostly back together)

Maybe I’ll start working on that old Cavalier. $100 turbo has a nice ring to it.
or sell it for less than the labor cost to remove my old turbo/N20 parts.

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Still in the foot well of the old cav.
I’m sure it can’t be that hard to boost a 20 year old $500 car.

$200 aint bad to get that stuff out.

I wish I would have bought a Hahn Racecraft kit for my old neon, they boosted cavy’s too I believe

I think they did great things with the eco-techs.
Only a moron would boost the 2.4l.

It survived hauling the camper to chautauqua. 9 mpg it what I was getting before, so the only real issue is my steering wheel being turned 15 degrees to the right.

That’s an easy fix though. The rack was loose and I did not make sure it was centered when I tightened it up.

Ha I was that moron that boosted a 2.4.
Mine lasted a long time at about 8psi and 250whp, but that was with eagle rods and upgraded pistons.
I only sold it because I got caught in the October storm with it and ripped the bottom half of the intercooler off driving through the 4" of ice packed on the road. Went out and bought the worst vehcile ever, a 2003 trailblazer. :face_vomiting:
I wish I still had that car.

I’m glad I still have my neon lol I take it out occasionally, it’s more fun to drive than my other cars.

Lol at the j-body to GMT platform mistake.

I think the trailblazer envoy highlighted everything wrong with GM engineering.

I bet it went together on the production line great at max profit.