anyone use octane booster?

yes, im serious…its NOT for my car…

My quad runs on race gas. Last weekend I ran out of race gas and was running 93* which I HATE doing because 1- its not good for it and 2- theirs a noticable difference in power…

I only need 4-5 gallons of 110-112 octane gas…can I get some octane booster and mix it up with 93 octane? basically “make” my own race fuel sence its out of season right now?

I have never used it before.

No. You can raise the octane with toluene, but it sucks.

Go to, find a local airport and go get some fuel for your airplane that you are building in your garage…

I use it in my Trans Am whenever I get gas…this stuff:

It actually works for what I use it for, which is to eliminate pinging in the motor, which is essentially what race gas would do.

It barley raises the octane at all.

I notice the motor not pinging when I use that, but if I use straight 93 it pings slightly

yah its just that my quad has a high compression piston (14:1) and I HATE running pump gas through it…it scares the shit out of me.

just wondering, how much does race fuel cost anyways?

torco addative

up here in malta when it was in season I was paying $7 a gallon.

sweet thanks, I was just wondering how much I’d be payin for it if I really got into the motor in my dirtbike

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Come down to Runway Express in Rotterdam. They had race gas when I was there a few weeks ago. 110 for $8 and 112 for $9.

i’ve used toluene with great success actually.

sherwin williams has a bunch on hand.

Runway in Rotterdam FTW

toluene or xylene will both work… both have an effective motor octane of 112 or higher… but you need to add about 8 ounces of marvels mystery oil to it as well to act as a lubricating agent. and it should NOT be used as more than a 25-30% mixture. ive done my homework on this stuff…

stanadyne or power service? cetane?

We have a WINNAR

Yes you have. Good post.

thank you sir