anyone wanna go skydiving?

somewhere near the end of august/beginning of september. as of now its $205/person but if we get a group the price can go down significantly. tentatively i have 3 people total right now.

if the price is right count in 2 peoplw for me.

if i got the $ im definatly down, iv always wanted to.

well this is how it works, reservations have to be made. and in order to get the discount, i think i would like have to be in charge and register everyone. theres also a $35 deposit per person, and that has to be paid when the reservations are done. so we’ll have to hold a reservation party or something where everyone meets up at my apt or something and we’ll get everyone set up. the balance is paid on the day of the jump.

EDIT: the price breakdown is on the website so you can see what the prices are for x amount of people.


if I have money when we are ready to go i’ll def go…

I have a small heights problem… that i’d like to get rid of :slight_smile:

oOH nice…let me know when

i would love to…its on my list of stuff to do before i die list, lol

mine too…right before crash very expensive sports car into something going rediculously fast…im goin out with a bang (the dynamite in the trunk will provide that). lol j/k


Will you be jumping alone or in tandem? I’ve allways wanted to try but theres something about a guys junk rubbing on me that doesnt sit right. Besides it takes all the fun out if someone else is doing the work.

dude u have to go tandem ur first time

im down for jumping out of planes :tup:

been there, done that, doing it again. :tup:

If the date we come up with is good, I’m definately in.

I jumped with frontier last summer. Lemme tell You: If You like roller coasters, bungy jumping, or the “Skycoaster”… You’ll love skydiving.

You do have to go tandem unless You have prior jumps under Your belt. Be prepared for a semi-ghey 20 minute instructional video and a ‘harness’ that will crush Your junk until You’re airborne. You dont have to do anything other then pull the chute (but if You can’t they do) onYour first jump. …and be prepared for an awkward landing. Especially if You are 8" taller then Your instructor.

Count me in for at least 1, maybe 3. Date dependant.


well im def in

not in canada you dont. my sis went up there her first time, its cheaper too. so look into that guys. i want to go at some point, but i dont know if i have the money right now.

  1. Pass McGass

eh i dunno, id almost rather go tandem for the 1st time jumping…