anyone workout? lift? maybe long distance runners?


power lifters?
just for fitness?

post up your work out.

i have worked in the fitness industry for almost 6 years now (i am the forcaster for the largest specialty fitness chain on the east coast).
and i just recently got my a$$ back on the ball. i used to be in horrible shape 25% body fat. then i got this job, and 1 year later was at 12%. got busy, and let life get in the way, and balloned back up to 19%… and as of the begining of the year i got myself back on the ball, then went on vacation to jamaica (i will post the pics from my dive later) and came back and didnt stop drinking or eating. bla bla bla, so its been about a month now that i got my workouts back on track and my eating habits inline.

my workout consists of 1 set 8-10 max weight i can lift (good for slow twitch), a 2 min rest, and then a drop set to exhaustion (good for fast twitch)

monday or as i like to call it International Chest Day. for some reason everone works chest on mondays
flat DB press
incline DB press
incline DB flys
100 cruncheson the theracrunch with 25lbs

tuesday. back
lat pulldown
close grip row
wide grip rows

wednesday legs (booooo leg day sucks)
squats (becareful doing drop sets with squats)
calf raise
leg curl
leg extension
then i work my obliques on a 45* hyperextension

thursday shoulders
DB shoulder press
lat and front raises

firday arm day (whooo hoooo arm day rules)
DB curls
tricep pushdowns
preacher curls
skull crushers (becareful doing drop sets with these too)
and back on the theracrunch with 25lbs

as for eating, no simple sugars or white pasta or white bread.
i eat limited amounts of high fiber bread and pasta
lots-o-lean meat and lots of green veggies
some nitro-tech and some creatine

on, and i throw in some intervals (sprints) 3 times a week for about 30 min.

i’m usually at the gym running…run a couple miles each day…once done running…i’m working on my stomach…

then i swap working on arms and legs every other day…so far it’s helped me lose about 70lbs…:slight_smile:

i suggest picking up the new issue of Fitness RX for men, they have a couple of awsome workouts in there.

its the only mens fitness mag that does suck. ie… stricky for power lifters, or just lame like mens health.

when i go to the gym i usually start running or on one of those skiing-like machines for 15 min then i crunches and a few push ups…then mostly work on my upper legs and stomach…then other days i’ll work a little bit on my arms

used to go on a 4 day split, alternating splits between 5-8 reps heavy weight and 12-15 low weight

day 1: chest
flat bench BB press
flat bench DB fly
incline BB press
incline DB fly
decline smith machine press
decline fDB fly
on high rep days:
cable crossover

day 2: arms
weighted dips
bb curl
EZ bar curl on preacher bench
db standing curl
conc. curls
push downs on cable machine
cable curl on cable machine
close grip press on smith machine

day 3: shoulders + back ow!
military press on smith machine behind head
bent over BB row
lat pull down
lat raise with BB
seated row machine
on bench one arm DB row
standing shoulder flys
golf swing thing with cable machine
back extensions
wide grip shoulder chin up
military press on smith machine in front of head

day 4: rest/legs

I go to the gym about 4 days a week. I have a day for arms/back, chest/shoulder and then legs/core. I’m starting to work in cardio, but thats hard to get motived for.

cardio is really over rated. talk to any trainer that knows his head from his ass (there arent many unfortunatly) and he/she will tell you, you only need 3 days of 30min of cardio, and even less if you’re already lean.

muscle burns calories, the more you have, the more fat you will burn. over doing it on the cardio will just force your body to break down lean muscle for energy (your body will use muscle before fat). getting motivated for 30 min isnt all that bad. figure you cant even listen to a whole cd in 30 min. im lucky and have madd equipment at home, and play xbox when i am on the tread. i dont suggest driving games though, they make you fall off. :slight_smile:

word everything you just said is basically what men’s health’s ‘abs diet’ book was all about, which is pretty obvious stuff- the bookjust backed it up with data

I do nothing… I used to goto the gym though :frowning:

Now I work and drink, and drive (none of them together)

man, i should write for a magazine. i could make millions. maybe i will start writing e-books.

I used to race bikes, the pedal kind. Road and mtn. I could average a brisk 20mph on my road bike, even with my short legs, and would spin off 20 miles or so 5 or 6 days a week. Now, since i’ve been basically sedentary for like 4 years, i’m just a fat ass. This thread, and being a lard ass, has motivated me.

Anyone have some suggestions for some strength work that I can do quickly, at home? I hate gyms, but I love free weights. At most I have an hour, hour and half to exercise in the morning, 3 or 4 days a week. I’ll spend 30-45 minutes on my bike. What should I do with the rest of the time?

pick up a balance ball, a set of power blocks, and the balance ball work out book.

everything you need to work out at home.

or buy my parabody 880 home gym for 600 (it lists for 2k, but i get shit at cost) :slight_smile:
its a large 2 station, i need something a tad smaller

I do cardio on the stairmill, precor, xbrobic machines which works my legs before having a good stretch and moving to weights. There, I just work mostly on my arms, chest and back with the machines and free weights.

then I do a lot of abs- roman chair, on the mat, yoga ball and medicine ball twists.
on the days I don’t go to the gym, pilates is great- for tone and flexibility.

are you guys saying cardio is useless for guys or for everyone… because I’ve noticed doing a lot of it works really well for me.

doing a lot of cardio will help you to lose scale weight.
(i will give an example at the end)

the only way to raise your metabolism and keep it up is with lean muscle.

i am (nor should anyone else) say its useless, but a lot of trainers push it like its crack.


simple, because its simple for them.

take a look around, you will notice most of the “slim” or “toned” people in the gym spend time with weights, and only a few short (30 min or so) sessions doing cardio.

reason being; your body will use whatever it can as fuel, and pick the easiest first.

1 the carbs you ate earlier in the day that are now blood sugar… but that runs out after 20 or 30 min.

2 after that the body will move on to lean muscle, as it can break that down easier than fat.

now that’s based on working at 70%+ max heart rate. if you are from the “slow and low” 65% long duration fat burning camp things are a little different.

figure at 65% max HR for 1 hour on the tread you will burn about 450 calories, but have little to no after burn. if you were to work out for 30 min doing sprints at 75%+ you would burn the same number of calories, in half the time, and you will have an increased metabolism for a few hours after. those after hours you will be at your resting heart rate and your body will burn fat.

consequently lifting for 45 min will actually keep your metabolism up for 18 hours after you finish.

ah, the example.

me. over the last month i have lost only 2 lbs of scale weight, but lost 4 lbs of fat (body fat analyzer), and have lost 1 inch around my waist.

1 lb of muscle is only the size of a silver dollar, 1 lb of fat is the size of your fist.

i could list off a few of the people that work here, and people that have bought equipment and consulted a good personal trainer (i suggest Alessi Fitness)

man, i really should write a book. look at all this health related info you kids are getting for free.

I love you zerodaze

I need to have sex with you (cardio) more

What about the best things to eat to lose fat, keep the muscle and look fit and sexaaay? I’ve heard a lot lately that eating more is better, but I don’t know what type of more I should eat.

Eating more OFTEN is good.

I haven’t been to the gym in 2 months…

But hearing everyone talk about it kind of makes me want to get my ass off the couch!!

I want to know WHAT to eat, howie… :c P

the key to eating more often is to eat consistently day in and day out

if you are having 7-8 meals a day, once every 2 hours or so, your bodies metabolism will be much higher than if you eat 3 large meals a day… and the key to losing weight ( like zerodaze said ) is keeping your metabolism high

imo avoiding carbs is stupid, and eating protein only is stupid

however eating a majority of yoru complex carbs in the morning / lunchish time is best as it provides your body with supple time to break them down. i usually try and eat my fats and carbs in the morning with moderate protein and as the day progresses, eat more and more protien with less and less carbs

your body needs carbs, excluding them is :gay: