Are all 240 meets dead?

I know this site is kind of dead now and its nothing like it was before but I am a new 240 owner… Don’t know anyone else in the GTA with a 240 and I think it’d be tight to meet people with one.
So just wanted to post something n test the waters…

Would anyone be interested in meeting up?
Or maybe know of any meets that happen?
I’m in Brampton but wouldn’t mind driving somewhere in the GTA if need be.

Yea when spring comes ill come out. If their is any meets

There will be one just be paitent. :slight_smile:

this forum is quite slow, true, but the FB group (link in my sig) is one of the busiest 240sx groups in the world.

I’m cool to get some meet’s going. I’m in mississauga & know of a few s13 owners in my area. I usually hang with a bunch of toyota guys as well if interested. The more the merrier and meets are pretty often come spring.

Lets have an epic movie made this year with some really good music meet footage and some track footage at shanny or Cayuga cause not many cars on here meet mosport standards lol

Can’t say my car or driving is movie worthy lol. Planning a big meet would be cool though. 86 day at Cyrious Garage was pretty big last year, we could cruise there. Or we could do topp drift the weekend of the 23rd next month if people want to hit the track.

once in a blue moon, there are still 240 meets at Leslie and 16th ave timmies.