Are used Porsche Cayenne's cool at all?

i mean, i see these things basically being given away. One of our techs in Ottawa literally bought one for like $3k. it was a bit of a bucket though.

but seriously, Porsche makes a solid car. are these things worth looking at at all?

I mean, for the price of a 10 year old Ford Edge you get a 15 year old Porsche SUV that must have some redeeming qualities?!?!

You spelled VW Touareg wrong :wink:

I mean they’ll get you around

The V8 is nice. But a used Porsche, despite being a VAG product, can’t be cheap to maintain.

As I search for a used 987.2 Cayman to buy this spring :joy:

well, i have turo’d a current spec BMW X5M Comp twice in the last couple months and i’m now warm to sporty SUVs but $150k (CDN) for an SUV that really isnt THAT fun to drive is retarded.

also, if you’re taking this to a regular shop, like an M car, you will get raped. but if there are specialty shops out there for the troublesome stuff then its not bad.

Just thought i’d start a car thread thats all :slight_smile:

that’s basically $25k USD… cant that be cool and reasonable to own for a while?

100k mile 10 year old luxury suv? Sounds like money pit to me. The reason these “ultra SUV’s” lose 75% or more in value is because everyone is terrified of the maintenance, and with good reason.

had a friend recently buy a 10+ year old Bentley contenental GT that the used daler had just put $10k in maintenance in to. He got it for a steal. will have to check in with him now that it’s been almost a year with it.

again i think the trick is to know a good specialty shop to do some of the maintenance.

i can barely tell the difference between a $200k Cayenne and a $40k Cayenne on the street.

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You do you. Me I’d much rather drop $30k on a 2020 Acura MDX with 23k miles than try to be baller on a budget with some Porsche/Bentley that’s a hiccup away from being mechanically totalled.

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yeah i like hte MDX stuff too. New Pathfinders are also above mid.

A buddy of mine bought one on the cheap. VR6 ones are just a Toureg which is pretty simple to work on if you’re used to VW. Hes doing VR 3.4/3.6 swaps all the time so nbd.

I put a bout 1k miles driving one all over southern cali a couple years ago, was a fun little truck. Even did 32 miles off road through Death Valley on Harry wade road

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I have all the latest bmw software and VAG software to do any and all diagnostics. @drvnkd sees all the work I do on gram. I do it as a side hustle so my prices are low. So if anyone is buying a German vehicle and worried about servicing it, I’m here to help.


Maybe a new plate is in order… Too bad VAG-DOC is taken
Surely it would never be misread



2012 bmw x5m… are these interesting at all?

I could have anything complicated sorted by the shops that do my e90 m3

It’s a good looking ride with balls

Only downside is that if it breaks it’s expensive but you stated you can handle that.

I’m not sure if that’s a good deal I’m not familiar with them.

Lot’s of threads on reddit about them, here’s the top snippet lol

As long as the injectors have been replaced with the latest -12 units. The fuel system issues are fixed. Plug and coils being recently replaced is a nice bonus also. PCV lines sometimes come up as they crank and you’ll get evap codes. Other than that they are decent. Technology can be updated to more recent stuff.

Thread hijack: did Porsche make tanks?

Porsche and BMW supported the Nazis.

i have had like 15 exchanges with folks on the 'are used cayennes or BMW X5’s interesting?" in the last few weeks.

There are clean X5m’s for like $20k CDN up here…

or this?

i mean really? how much more car do you really want for $20k?!?

this is basically the SUV version of my E9X M3…