Are used Porsche Cayenne's cool at all?

i mean, i see these things basically being given away. One of our techs in Ottawa literally bought one for like $3k. it was a bit of a bucket though.

but seriously, Porsche makes a solid car. are these things worth looking at at all?

I mean, for the price of a 10 year old Ford Edge you get a 15 year old Porsche SUV that must have some redeeming qualities?!?!

You spelled VW Touareg wrong :wink:

I mean they’ll get you around

The V8 is nice. But a used Porsche, despite being a VAG product, can’t be cheap to maintain.

As I search for a used 987.2 Cayman to buy this spring :joy:

well, i have turo’d a current spec BMW X5M Comp twice in the last couple months and i’m now warm to sporty SUVs but $150k (CDN) for an SUV that really isnt THAT fun to drive is retarded.

also, if you’re taking this to a regular shop, like an M car, you will get raped. but if there are specialty shops out there for the troublesome stuff then its not bad.

Just thought i’d start a car thread thats all :slight_smile:

that’s basically $25k USD… cant that be cool and reasonable to own for a while?

100k mile 10 year old luxury suv? Sounds like money pit to me. The reason these “ultra SUV’s” lose 75% or more in value is because everyone is terrified of the maintenance, and with good reason.

had a friend recently buy a 10+ year old Bentley contenental GT that the used daler had just put $10k in maintenance in to. He got it for a steal. will have to check in with him now that it’s been almost a year with it.

again i think the trick is to know a good specialty shop to do some of the maintenance.

i can barely tell the difference between a $200k Cayenne and a $40k Cayenne on the street.

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You do you. Me I’d much rather drop $30k on a 2020 Acura MDX with 23k miles than try to be baller on a budget with some Porsche/Bentley that’s a hiccup away from being mechanically totalled.

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yeah i like hte MDX stuff too. New Pathfinders are also above mid.

A buddy of mine bought one on the cheap. VR6 ones are just a Toureg which is pretty simple to work on if you’re used to VW. Hes doing VR 3.4/3.6 swaps all the time so nbd.

I put a bout 1k miles driving one all over southern cali a couple years ago, was a fun little truck. Even did 32 miles off road through Death Valley on Harry wade road

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I have all the latest bmw software and VAG software to do any and all diagnostics. @drvnkd sees all the work I do on gram. I do it as a side hustle so my prices are low. So if anyone is buying a German vehicle and worried about servicing it, I’m here to help.


Maybe a new plate is in order… Too bad VAG-DOC is taken
Surely it would never be misread