Attention people who suck at driving in the winter

Are you intimidated by winter driving? What the hell are you doing up here then? Do you know where you are? This isn’t the fucking jungle or desert.

You inevitably pull out in front of me when there’s no one behind me, and you could’ve waited another 15 seconds to not make anyone slam on their brakes on ice and snow. You then continue to drive really slow, say less than half the speed limit. No one in their right mind would pass someone on roads with a 2 ft snow drift in the median during a snow storm. So, I’m stuck behind you until you pull into whatever casino, bingo hall, party, or wherever you’re headed that’s OK be late to. Yes, I realize that driving on slippery roads and in low visibility can be scary, so I appreciate you driving within your limits. However, don’t pull out in front of a car when you know you’re not going to at least go the speed limit! Just wait another 30 seconds maybe (since you obviously aren’t in a hurry anyway), and you won’t ruin someone elses’ day. Also, when you see a line of cars 30-50 deep trapped behind you, you don’t have to speed up, no, but you SHOULD pull over to let some by. You’re obviously doing a really shitty job of setting the pace on this “not-safe-for-passing” road. Do us ALL a favor and let us get to our families, jobs, and real obligations, and pull the fuck over for fuck’s sake! It’s a common courtesy. If the shoulder has been replaced by a 14 ft wall of plowed snow (as we all know happens up here), find a decently plowed side road to pull on to for a minute. Don’t be surprised or offended when you get 25 middle fingers and 37 horns out of the 50 cars you fucked for the last hour and a half that are now passing you.

Here are some tips for you that will make both of our lives easier:

  1. Your winter driving confidence will grow 10 fold if you get rid of that 1994 Buick front wheel drive and get something with all wheel drive. You don’t need a huge truck or SUV, but just something that actually gets some traction. Try a used Subaru. They’re all wheel drive, cheap, and fuel efficient.

  2. Go practice in an empty parking lot, and see what exactly your limits are and those of your vehicle. You won’t get arrested for sliding around an empty parking lot Sunday evening outside of town.

  3. You don’t want to give up your front wheel drive Buick? Get some snow tires! At least for the front two wheels, but better yet all of your wheels could use them. You will be amazed at what a good set of snow tires actually do for your driving and confidence. There’s a reason why they’re popular up here.

  4. Wait until the last car passes before pulling on to the road. See above. Shit!

  5. Stay the fuck home! Visibility to low? Too windy? Icy roads? Then don’t drive to the casino to lose another $200 bucks out of your $300 paycheck and jeopardize the roads for the rest of us. Stay home and watch game shows and beat your wife/husband/dog or whatever you sleep with at night.

  6. Don’t like option #5? Take a cab! Believe it or not, these guys are good at winter driving. They do this for a living and they’re really quite nice people. Besides, the cab ride to the casino or bingo hall will only cost a fraction of what you’ll lose once you get there. Plus you save the embarrassment of getting flipped off by grandma in the Ford Expedition while passing you.

  7. Move to the South. I bet you’d fit in there anyway. Not sure what their casino scene is like, but you’ll find some other unintelligent way to lose money. You can keep your Buick, too!

I realize the people who are actually the offenders are probably not going to read this, at least not many of them. First you have to get a computer. Then resist the urge to pawn it for casino money. If you know any of these assholes, tell them what you think about following them at 20 mph on Highway 41 or M28 for two goddamn hours. Thanks!

I’ll see you on the road!


I had to deal with that shit on the way home from Rochester on Sunday. I could easily do 75mph without issue in 2inch snow drifts and yet people were doing 30. The f is wrong with you!?

It’s been the same deal for the past 30 years here.

found this browsing best of CL, lolz

I think is applies to people that drive in this area in general. Not just in the snow/bad weather. I have people cut me off, when I litereally can not see a car behind me…

ugh it was such a pain in the ass out delivering in oneonta cooperstown herkimer and fonda today, in the towns themselves or on the highways between the towns I kept encountering people doing half the speed limit. It was so annoying it added so much time to my trip.

I went down to NYC and back today on business. Fucking snowed and sleeted the entire way. Found that the further south I would get, the faster the flow of traffic was.

If you ain’t outta control, you ain’t in control.


If you ain’t livin life on the edge, you’re taking up too much space!


(lol Rocket)

i HATE when this happens lol sooo true
shit i probably drive better than most people and ive only been driving for two years and i still have my summer tires on:crazy

I think this is what goes through the mind of the drivers of cars in the left lane doing 75 when there’s slush on the ground?

Chaz… theres snow out.

So that means… the kart is to be out shortly :slight_smile:

sorry is that a question you are asking me or a statement?


:pondert’would be fun, but we need a large parkinglot where someone wouldn’t call the cops on us. Anyone work somewhere where their boss would be cool with it? :rofl

I agree with OP completly. Quattro enables me to actually drive around with 0 problems. I just wish more ppl would just GTFO of my way so I didnt have to wait behind them. Just clear the left lane for the people who have cars capable of going speed limit comfortably. slow traffic keep right.

Eh, I can drive a front wheel drive buick with proper tires totally fine in the snow, don’t need a ‘sooobie’ or a VAG product, despite this forums popular beliefs.

Last winter I drove on bald tires in my Elantra and didnt have any trouble. When I traded the car in the front tires were totally shot.

I also drove my Neon thru winter a while back with bald tires and no issues.

thats fine by me, son long as if youre ahead of me and AT LEAST give me the speed limit and its all good. i hate when ppl go under the speed limit in the left lane or worse, in a one lane.:banghead:banghead:banghead

So when are we having RACE WARZ-DD Style again?!