Attn: Hybrid Guys/Anyone who wants to come to the OC Import Show

George had said something to me about you guys maybe wanting to get a room down here for the import show…

Well i gotta finalize the reservations in the next day or 2. Just wanted to see if you guys were still interested. Dont forget its the same weekend of the Pitt/Cincy race…

I have a room on hold for you guys under my name if you want it, if not I’ll just release it. Just lemme know.

Anyone else that wants to come down that weekend for the show, I had to do a call around to other hotels for that weekend, and 99% of them are booked, a few have rooms left, but they are all over $250/night. So if you want a room, you need to get ahold of me immediately.

$250 a night??? I found some for $198 at quality inn…how far away are you from 39th street?

Ocean City = :embarass:

delete yourself sir :mad:

like i said before cinci vs pitt racing > ricers at OC