audi s4 advice

Satan’s design for timing chain assemblies

No, really. Satan.

car went in to albany speed the other day for a new clutch master cylinder

nice how are you liking the car? Still trying to get rid of it? I love my 04 s4, great all around car

I was looking into one of these until I saw guys on VWvortex saying they get around 19-20 on the highway and under 15 in the city. Wouldve been a perfect car for my needs too.

i havent driven it in a week so ive been back in the m3, i do notice the m3 is more work to drive around daily then the s4 was, but the s4 really does have such terrible gas mileage lol

so far those numbers seem to stand true to me, i bought it so i could have at least one car that was good in the winter and going from an m3 and an m5 i needed to keep some luxury in the car so i ruled out sti and evo and went and got the s4, i also looked at g35’s the newer ones but they didnt really do it for me.

it looks like im going to keep the car for a bit longer and throw some wheels,spacers, and prlly springs until i really can make a judgement about the car and if i am looking to keep it for a while or not. i do have a initial problem with it, the fact that i dont know how to work on it and how it seems to take much more work to get to things then on a bmw, i would have done the slave and master myself on the bmw but since its the audi i couldnt really find my way around so albany speed will have to do some of this work

15 in the city is definitely true but on the highway cruising around 70 i can get anywhere from 24-27mpgs depending on the incline of the road and other factors. I think its one of the nicest cars to drive on the highway. Good mpgs, nice smooth ride, the interior is well insulated so you don’t have a lot of noise in the cabin and its got a ton of passing power lol

well i went to check up on the car today at albany speed and it turns out its not the master, they will replace the slave and let me know tomoro and i hope it gets fixed

notice on the highway that around 70 was actually higher on the mpgs, 70 was about 26-28 and 80 was about 24-26. Maybe something is wrong with your car?

your car is in good hands

i hope my car isnt broken in more then one way lol but i usually dirve at 80 and its at like 3k rpms and the gas mileage is about 20 mpg

yeah i hope so, they seem like they are a bunch of good guys

4.2l s4

-aftermarket parts are slim
-parts that are out there cost a ton of $$$$$
-i’ve seen quite a few 4.2L’s apart getting chains done in the 2 years i’ve been around them

the cars are dope looking, dope sounding, and awesome to drive, i just never could get past the cost of repairs, and the lack of performance mods for the car at a reasonable price. $2,500 for headers, and then have to pretty much remove the motor to install them, FFFFFFFFFF that

keep it stock, enjoy it, and then in 4 years upgrade to a b8 s4 and boost away!

whats the b8 motor gonna be sir?


2009 and up S4’s are B8’s… it’s 2011 jay. at this point can you please delete the “audi” section of your name. kthanksbye

b8’s are 3.0l supercharged

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B6/b7 s4’s sound unreal with an exhaust. APR did a prototype one a few years ago that was crazy loud. Im trying to convince my uncle to get one for his b6 s4 vert

JHM headers + custom catback = BETTER

Its fighting us but we found the issue. The slave post has broken the ears off…musta happen during the slam to second…started going back together today… I promise it’ll be right when it leaves and the price is the price…no matter its takin three days longer then it should have sorry about that man… but if its at ASS, it leaves right…has too…



Love the dedication you guys have to makin things right. Real legit guys over at ASS