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Just got this PM


I am interested in buying the Alpine CDA 9884 that you have placed for sale, and I would want to know about the present condition, as well as some detail about you. I expect this timely enough.

As for the payment, I would need you to get back in touch with the last asking price then I get a Cashiers Cheque sent. Would you please reply back to me at:

I will be looking forward to hear from you soon.

Yours interestingly,

Raymond Griffith"

Cashiers check? 0 posts? Some detail about me lol?. “Sherity” is the users name.


^ I got that one too


Hello, SKY14 needs to be banned permanently.
Today is Dec 29. 2016.
Back in 2011 I had traded my 1973 Datsun 510 race build roller for a 1993 Mazda Miata street car that supposedly was sitting for 1.5 years and was not running because the MAF had been stolen while it was sandwiched between 2 other cars outside of his friend’s rented garage. Sky14 claimed it ran perfectly when parked. Problem was he failed to disclose the fact that the car 1) Had been in an accident resulting in a bent frame and had NOT been properly pulled. 2) Did not disclose the fact both the engine and turbo were HURT resulting in engine damage when I finally got it running. Upon learning these things I tried to call and email him but he would never answer, had no idea where he lived either. A friend noticed he was trying to sell the car here a couple of years ago and I tried to message him and again he refused to respond. Guy is a bloody SCAMP. I valued my roller $4000 at that time, he puts in an engine and tranny and thinks he can get $12,000. Karma is a bitch cause he apparently is still sitting on it. I was going to post a tastefully worded statement that the community would know and be aware of this bottom feeder but I certainly do not wish to be banned or go against the grain of things hence contacting you. Thanks