Ban List


at least if a few people get banned, then the rest will catch on, and what seems to be this years issue, will be solved. same thing as last year with the fs thread mass spamming with useless babble. just a thought anyway.


I think if you see my posts you know I agree that posting “OLD” is well… OLD.

+1 for the idea.



Who cares about that? Just don’t post old shit and you won’t see it.


Because everyone is aware of things you’ve seen before…


This is a car enthusiast forum. I’m sure everyone saw the “New” Fast and the Furious trailer last year.

And drifting videos…people just search for youtube videos all day long. Chances are it’s already old.


Fobwall - what if there was a video of a Ford Model T drifting - would that be “old”?


It would be.

Because I watch the posted video/link before I comment.

So technically, everything is old from the moment you add it.

It’s annoying, but I have a feeling it will never stop. It’s like banning people for swearing. Sure, most will learn and stop. But not everyone.


I accept: Posting in a thread, after being told to stop posting in an FS thread for no reason other then to stir shit.


any chance of banning everybody who posts “old” in a thread? its pretty annoying when you are attempting to read something, but there are 5 posts in a row of “old”. nobody cares if you have seen it before, press the back button and move on with your day. thx

AGREED! make a move mods you have to hate it as much as we do


^^^^^^^^^^^^ old





Sent him money for son posted parts, and parts never showed up, nor will he reply to any correspondence.


lol ur a dumbass man, i sent you a text earlier today saying i talked to the post office, their trying to figure out what happened to the shipment… no need to get crazy


lol theres a ban list?

Ban name :trinituner
Duration: You decide, i guess…
Reason: Never paid full amount for car. Still owes me 300. Completely disappeared. Doesn’t answer my calls/texts. Its been two months.


#1 mistake was letting the car leave without full payment.


^i knew where he lived and where he worked. But yes, defiantly a mistake :confused:


^weird, from my experience i met the guy once, he was super nice and gave me a ridiculous deal on tires / installation which balanced and held air perfectly


Yeah, i don’t know dude. Im stumped too. We were both super chill until i left the car at his place. He was supposed to pay me the rest a week later but i’d never hear from him. I’d literally call him 10 times every other day but wouldn’t pick up, sent him texts and stuff too. He called me later maybe once or twice saying sorry and that his phone got slashed and he lost my number :s and we’d schedual a day for him to show up. Due dates come and same shit, call: no answer, text: no reply. Im pretty fed up but i seriously don’t have time to chase down people.


the guy ebeefs me all the time and tells me I screwed his buddy or something, yet his “buddy” never said peep.


Yeah, i see you two battle out on some threads lol


Crazy? Crazy is waiting since November 16th for parts I already paid for. You’re just proving to everyone with every post and message why you should be banned.

This dude is a theif. I would never steal money from a SON member.

Once again, permaban please. Pm me for entire story and messages if necessary.


Money returned. Retract ban, and theif status. I wouldn’t mind a little more respect, but I’m happy to have my money back. Thanks.