Ban List


haha, classic ^^^^


This is getting rediculous now…the death of SON one ban at a time.

I wonder whos gone tomorrow. Maybe Bing?


^^^^^^ hahahahahaha^^^^^^^^^

btw john did get banned


Nothing wrong with banning people that break the rules, but there should always be a post here saying why. If not, then it leaves the door open for people to ban whoever and whenever they feel like, without any justification.


everytime someone gets banned by me, the reason is displayed

i only routinely ban people for one thing… and it’s the same thing every time

unneeded posts in the classified section

people dont listen to (or they dont care about) the rules set forth, so this is what’s being done to keep the section in order

theres no death of son… if anything, this is trying to save son from the regular douchebaggery that has been occuring in every fuckn for sale thread

if you notice, the bans actually seem to be working. there is way less bullshit in FS threads now than there used to be.


now if you can apply that theory to the rst of the forum all would be well.


What need would there be to apply it to the rest of the forums when the FS section is the one that sees most of it. It is rude to the sellers and potential buyers which is most likely why it is more strictly enforced in the FS section.

Uneeded posts in discussion sections happens because people don’t read what they type. Simply, they add comments that people don’t care about…or they add subjective comments…that most people don’t care about. If a thread gets out of hand - it is simply locked. However, to lock a FS thread through no fault of a seller is unfair to the poster.

In addition, I’d like to add that the mods are doing a fine job of maintaining the FS section.

All you have to do it read and respect the rules.


maybe but look at the technical section. People needed advice/help with there cars and useless posts are put in there.

Same thing as a FS thread really all he wants is one thing out of his posts not needless information or people making fun of him because of his “Stupid” question.

Also have a drama section at the front desk…thats stupid. People come here looking at the forum go to the front desk and see all the drama posts.

Theres alot of things that can be done to improve this forum but banning is the easiest i guess…

P.S. GTS you suck i think im going to mak a psot in the drama section.


So I assume I got banned for the below post because it broke the following rule " Inappropriate posting in a thread will result in temporary ban (this includes, pointless chatter/discussion, free bumps, or arguing)".
My question is how the hell do you know it was “pointless chatter”? I simply posted that I was digging the rims and then was about to proceed to a PM to make an offer on said rims but I was already banned and have since moved my interest to a different set of rims. Otherwise I may have purchased these rims. Too bad for the seller really that the mods are being a little over obsessive on what is really a ridiculous rule. This a forum not a damn court room.


Yep, I got banned for pretty much the same thing. I went to check out a car I was interested in and commented on how clean the car is. The rule is rediculous and has made Son plummet further into gheydom. I just show my disgust by not supporting the club by paying for a membership.


wow you guys are babies.

you got banned for making a dumbass post that is against the rules.

Is it that hard to stop?

If it is then you shouldn’t be here, goto TNC and don’t come back.

jeez whats with all the wussies these days?


The benefit of this rule being enforced, is that from now on, when you make a FS thread, it won’t immediately go to page 17, because everyone’s chatting in their friend’s threads. I’d take this one step further and crack down on people not consolidating their FS threads, ALL items for sale should be in ONE thread, unless they belong in different forums, then it should be one per forum.


That’s a good idea, Ant. I think mods would move onto enforcing if not for the countless “awesome deal/nice car/sick rims” comments. But again, keep it up mods! The FS forum is much nicer to browse these days.


if you have interest in an item, why wouldn’t you express that in the post

how are mods supposed to know that you’re interested when you only write “nice car” or whatever it is in the message

the rule is meant to clean up the classified section by keeping useless chatter to a minimum


I think this would be a good idea,
if you could actually edit the title of the threads.

The thing is, I post a lot of items at different times without the ability to edit the title of the thread.

If I could do that, then there would be no need to make new threads for everything I post up.

I’ve tried Advanced setting, doesnt work


i posted a link for a video that was about a vtec mustang idiot it got moved and all i want to know is where did it get moved to and why ? just curious


premie section. ballers only.


any chance of banning everybody who posts “old” in a thread? its pretty annoying when you are attempting to read something, but there are 5 posts in a row of “old”. nobody cares if you have seen it before, press the back button and move on with your day. thx


^^ old

ya its kinda silly to see that



i agree