Ban List


This definitely makes me question the authority given to moderators.


i just got back from the “integra” thread in classifieds…its gettting out of hand there.


yes… there are some threads that need attention. I was interested in looking at his pictures as I need wheels for daily driving, but i couldn’t resist in expressing my disgust as Martino has.



I might be one of the people who got previously banned for thread trolling and etc, but I must say you Admins/Mods get an +1 from me GJ.


I know its a pain

But the setting that you have on the ‘drama’ section may be the only ‘easy’ way to keep it in line.

You guys ‘pre-read’ and decide if its okay,
other than that idea.
I think just no responses would be just as good.

lol at:

People thinking a 500 dollar integra is worse than a 500 dollar 240.
People that have been around only for a year thinking that they are O.G’s on the forum
I’m glad to see bans handed out everywhere.

People wern’t learning, even with MODS or MEMBERS warning them

Bans are 100% legit!

But as for everyone just bitching at people in this thread,

Realize that they don’t really get paid for taking care of the forums.

So if your going to drop off some negative feedback,

Make sure to follow with some positive.

The more idea’s given, means the better chance of change actually happening.



mods need to keep up to date with the bans…i got a ban for irrelevant posting and it was supposed to be done yesterday but i still have it and cannot access parts of the site…if there are bans, mods should keep to date with them.


Bans auto-expire and will clear up.


Why did Two-Fortee get banned but not gatecrasher…


<-- banned by who and why?


Judging by recent posts, I would assume it’s because of your replies to Bing’s sale thread. I’m just speculating.


What wrong with it? A guy cant say congratulations by telling people to buy his stuff after having a kid?


no answer still


bobby you were banned because your name was pulled from the hat

see my theory is that everyones name on son is in a big hat, and then some are drawn to see whos banned for the week.

ill prolly get banned for saying that


people will stop getting banned when they quit making useless posts in classifieds

thats the main reason for temp bans right now and it’s been clearly stated several times


Yeah, when will people learn that it is a simple concept… seriously, how hard is it to keep your fingers off of the keys in the classifieds section.

Bobby… HAHA, maybe they are banning people with hatches hahahahahahaahahahahahahahh


You’re certainly more than welcome to congratulate him…but you still have to follow the rules in the FS section.


so you did it?

Hey theo i just finished ressurecting a coupe, does that mean im safe now?


Can whoever bans please post that they did and reason? I honestly can’t see why it’s so difficult. I thought someone was making a joke earlier today, and noticed that John is banned. Shat a brick. I have pictures of it.


I’ve seen more bans on son in one day than I have at a rock concert.