Bought A new ride today.1 of 4 for the yr is complete


I think your on the wrong board if you going to complain about gas mileage.

Can’t you just take you political bitching elsewhere. The guy got a car he likes from working hard, you can’t ask for more than that.

BOV Illegal?

No. I really like this. It’s entertaining. :slight_smile:

My HBO on demand is not working :frowning:


How newmanesque of you.


I would do it.Maybe I’d finally get to meet someone on this dang site.Been on here and UBRF for like 3 yrs and might’ve met 10 or 15 ppl on here.Feel like a dick if I drove to mighty w/ the Vette and said "Hi,I’m misteroman!"people would be like:roll2: :gtfo: .

AS far as the Tahoe being impactical,there is no doubt it is.I won’t deny that.My vette is just as impractical but does get better mpg.But there were a few contributing factors to the purchase.
Wifey really loved it.She has been mad(not really but will bring it up) that I sold her 00 Grand Am GT when it only had 9K miles after 2.5 yrs.Bought her a Sunfire because it had a 100K warranty from GM.She HATED the car the whole time.Next was the EQ which she didn’t mind but didn’t really care for(she wanted a Envoy).When the New tahoe came out she loved it as did I so I got it for her.
2nd I feel very safe with her driving it.I know it’s been brought up about what if every soccermom had a H2 …I feel it is my job to protect her in anyway I can.Thats why every window/door on the house is alarmed and motion detectors throughout.I think she would make out better in a crash in the tahoe then most other cars she could drive.
3rd it’s nice to have a vehicle that people notice.makes ya feel good.Do I need that and my whole existince depends on it? No,but it is a nice feeling which I don’t think anyone can deny…
ANd I don’t have a digital camaera so I can’t take pics.I guess I could w/ the phone.Maybe I’ll try that tom.


:word: if your truly willing too, you can do it :tup:

Anyone have t-bolt clamps

You live in M. Beach?


Mostly, I am currently in Buffalo, going back to the beach in less than 2 weeks till May atleast…

Realestate down here is hot if thats what your wondering :tup:
IM me sometime if you wanna talk ^_-


mr. money bags doesn’t have a digi cam, lol just messing around D, it’s a sweet purchase, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. if i had money i’d buy all the shit I/my family wanted too. big :tup: to having good intentions for it too, not just to be flashy.

and btw, i don’t think anyone would be upset about you bringing out vette to mighty.

Post a PIC of your latest purchase.

ehhhh, peep the sig. i can drive around like an idiot and still break 30.


sorry to continue this convo and not to pour the haterade on misteroman but i would like to say something. okay, so the SUV’s may get like 8mpg less than a normal car, which is fine for a small amount of drivers. when you take into account that like 40% of the poplulation drives SUVs, that adds up to alot compared to the cars. not to mention what happens when stupid cell-phone chattering, H3 driving, soccer moms get behind the wheel. yikes.

anyway, nice truck.

Build thread ... 83 Coupe Deville

Was talking to the owner of Kennedy’s Cove in Clarence(AWESOME steak!!!) a few months back and He told me whenever I wanted to use his beachfront condo in MB to just stop by and get the keys:jawdrop: .This was from a guy I had just met too.Told be there was a car in the garage and if I used it,just fill it up w/ gas.I was in total shocked and asked him if I could do dishes or never had the nerve to ask him and would feel funny doing so.He told me MB was THE place to invest right now as everyone was moving from florida.We talked for about 2 hrs.A really class man.

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Globe1280's 4CYL FTL Horizon Grey Civic Build.

That’s great but you are missing my point. This isn’t, people on here are going to have poorly efficient vehicles…

Globe1280's 4CYL FTL Horizon Grey Civic Build.

Corey, how many miles a year do drive for your business/school/pleasure? I’m guessing a lot more than this Tahoe will see, probably enough so at the end of the year you are more of an environmental terrorist than D’s wife.

And how many of the same people bitching about the gas mileage someone who owns an suv gets but only drives 10k a year posted they drive over 25k a year in that “how much do you drive” thread? Yeah, it’s all about forcing the OTHER GUY to conserve gas, so long as you can do exactly what you’re doing now. Using the arguement “my Civic gets 30mpg, so I can drive around in circles looking for street races every night, racking up 30000 miles a year is fine” is more retarded than a soccer mom talking on her cell phone driving her H2.


Actually, I drove 6800 miles last year. :kiss:

And this summer I have filled my car up TWICE. I really do think of routes that are efficient. :shrug:


How can you possibly drive that little?

250+ week crew represent


LOL I know nobody would be upset,I just wouldn’t know anyone there.I would know by screenname but not by face.If there are any meets this weekend and someone wants to ride shotty in the Vette LMK and I’ll come out and meet some of you guys.maybe I’ll bring Butch and we can talk about the good ol’ days.


I make other people drive me. bwahaha. :wink:

And I skate to work. It’s just easier that way.

Next train to babytown: ALL ABOARD
Next train to babytown: ALL ABOARD
attn: faggot in the pos tonight outside my house

how about that exhuast :wink:

attn: faggot in the pos tonight outside my house

PM sent.I might actually get an exhaust for the Tahoe as well.Going to do some reading and see if it’s worth it.They are only like $5XX something and look very easy to do.


I totally agree, we should have it in some park shelter or something.

Real estate is something I have been reading books on for a while and really want to get into it.

Derrick, your story is a great one. Going from making 8 bucks an hour to doing something with your life has to be tremendously rewarding.

Of the two members of my family who are millionaires, both of them started with real estate.