Ban List


Part of the sale process is to allow users to exhibit their communication ability to potential buyers. We can do that publicly by allowing consumers to post questions in the thread.

We (admins/moderators) talked about locking it down with an automatetd bump every 7 days. It was agree’d that we think it will actually destroy the market.


im attempting to. what are you planning to do?


You really are, you’re such a jackass.


What are you attempting to do?


Whine and bitch, and sell his 240?


more or less yes.

im not trying to do much other than not go on son. what can i do other than that? im not the mod


My boss told me that a good employee points out a problem and THEN offers a solution. Either bring something to the table or STFU.


my boss told me that a good boss gets rid of all the problems so there is nothing to bitch about.


What we are doing is removing the problem, I wish we had a lot of these controls and policies in place before hand because if we did we’d have a better reputation. Unfortunatly people get burned out by trying to help SON users/members because most questions asked have been covered in the past. Moderators/Admins try and clean up the technical section but we also get burned out from moderating users lack of respect and general lazyness.

I do appreciate your candor but at this point I’ll have to close this conversation as you’re not being productive or conducive to any solution.

We’ve straightened out a few members by banning, locking theads as well as discussions via pm. It’s our intention to keep FS threads clean, we want to protect the marketplace as this is a facility that we (SON members) enjoy.

If you don’t appreciate the time and effort put in by the admins and moderators, then you need to make a choice. Remain apathetic or help out.


i thought this conversation was closed.

good job for banning ppl like all hell lets hope it works

banning ppl will not work if you lift the ban because there your friends or sr. members or whatever reason there was for lifting the bans.

lets hope the club gets cleaned up.


Why was I banned which thread got me banned?


a quick look at your post history,

I believe it was this

I got banned for the same reasons man, for “thread trolling”.


Umm, why was I banned? I checked out a car for sale, and commented on how the car is in great condition. I don’t see how this isn’t against the rules as I’m not bashing anyone and I was on topic. I think you nazi mods need to read the rules posted at the top of the for sale page.


repost from the SON bashing thread:


Could i know why I was banned for 3 days? I haven’t posted in the classified sections in weeks except for starting my own thread about the stickers I have for sale. The reason given was posting in classifieds.


i just want to know why i got banned in the first place


Looking quickly at your post history, it seems you were thread trolling, by not making any statements or questions directly towards the product

this is a comment taken from “s13junkyards Fs thread on: Dart Izumi exhuast”

this is a “useless F/S classified post” which is probably the message you got when u tried logging in last week.

try not to post in any f/s, wtb thread unless its a question directly towards the product being sold or if there is a scam or major flaw in the item and then son needs to know that.

this is the new rule as many members are being banned recently.

I know i am not a mod and admin and i have no “status” to tell u this. but I am just tellin u why it happened.


I still don’t know why I got banned.


logik, since there is no one replying to your question, i think it happened in your own F/s thread. With the Genki Domination stickers. The only way i think u would get banned there is u made an unnecessary response to unnecessary reply and mods banned u. Or they may have thought you were not the thread maker and assumed you were another “thread troller”. Again i am not trying to be a know it all, just trying to be a helpful member towards others in this community.


logik it was me who banned you. i cant find the reason why… sometimes i delete the offending post on top of setting a ban…

…but if you say you havent posted in classifieds in weeks, i believe you.

it must have been a mistake then. i apologize.