Ban List


Out of all that, I’ll only agree that mods should also issue bans for senior members. Regardless of how long you’ve been posting or a member - once you stray off topic, you should be given a ban. No exceptions.

Gonad previously stated “It may seem Nazi-ist” but really, the mods have been quite leniant, and look at how it’s turned out.


i agree, this forum needs some…things done


and this guy gets banned with over 200 in the inbox but as a member this is ok…
then because he’s banned he’s over the limit…

so you pull his membership???

this is making me sick.

I have almost no posts here because of the rediculous BS and sillyness that occours

SON comes off like a bunch of kids in a playground arguing over who’s dad is bigger.

and now you ban him AND pull his membership because the temporary banning, pushes him out side the rules???

I know fastback240 personally and I think this is a RAW DEAL.

maybe if the mods and other members and some other people need to start actually doing some work instead of the lazy way out.

I have been pushed onto other sites because of the antics on here, and many other people I know have never even bothered to join thanks to the REP SON ALREADY HAS…its almost too late in some instances

but if we get our collective asses in gear maybe this whole thing wont be for not.

I say someone get their thumb outta their ass and get this issue repaired before I’m added to the list of people who only come for the classifieds and some shit disturbing too



nobody’s membership was pulled as far as i know

that isn’t and never was part of the plan


Prepare yourself - my reply will be blunt and straight-forward.

Stop bitching and offer suggestions.


I am quite happy with the way things are going right now. The mods have tightened up, and I think it is for the better. If you have been banned, it is for a reason. There was a point where things got more strict, so searching back for certain posts by certain “long standing” members is useless.

Good job Mike and Rich!

If you’re tired of the bullshit, then start following the rules or leave.

Simple as that.

The mods are not out to get anyone or any group of people in particular, they are just trying to straighten out the club and clean this forum up.

I think they are doing a great job of that!



well i am glad some1 is happy about the way things are going, all the ppl i have talked to are not so happy


who cares really? people here complain about the forum for various reasons but who cares? just accept it for what it is, a great place to buy and sell parts/cars and a place for some nice e-thug drama. stop taking this place so seriuosly.



Whoever banned me didn’t post it here or the reason for it :stuck_out_tongue: I’m only bringing it up because as a result I wasn’t able to put Ed in his place, and the reason, while admittedly valid, was weak as hell :stuck_out_tongue:


Exactly. I stand by my statement… People need to stop taking the internet so seriously.

Though I understand how it gets all out of control simply because there’s money involved…


Theo, thanks.

tosh, you’ve said exactly why the FS forum is heavily moderated, it’s a great place to buy/sell stuff. IMO SON provides ample exposure to sell products due to the fact that we have such an active marketplace. What I hate is newbies trying to take advantage of this exposure over our more established members by bumping early or posting nonsense updates rather then sale related answers.

I admit, locking farmers thread was a bit far, and I think members with legacy should be allowed to generate more exposure and sell their parts. I did work it out with Farmer and we’re both on the same level however I will continue to ban, delete and lock newbies threads. Yep, I will ban you if you join this site to sell a product and blatantly disregard the rules (not that anyone who will do that will read this thread and see my post).

Just remember that when I lock your FS thread you loose the opportunity to have potential buyers respond to your ad, bump the thread and generate more views. Views equals sales (except for my excellent coupe, so buy it).

Regardless, let’s keep the comments constructive and continue to move SON forward.


thats the point son is not moving forward and nothing that is being done is working. and your looseing members because of it.


We are not looking to grow in numbers so much as we are looking to grow as a community.

All of this banter in threads is turning everyone against eachother.

The people that would leave or have already left because of the recent crack-down are probably not people that contribute anything worthwhile to the club and aren’t going to be missed my most of us.

I mean if thats all it takes to push them out the door, they weren’t inside very far.



point being you cant grow as a community if theres no1 that takes it seriously or if everyone takes it to seriously.

its not the “crack down” makeing ppl leave its the jack assery.

you cant tell me that sons reputation for being as mature as a bunch of 12 yearold school girls is helping?

i have talked to ppl from tnc and such that have laughed when i asked them if they were on son, the responce i get “why would i even bother, son is a big headach”

even ppl not on tnc or any other sites have seen son once for there first and last time or have never bothered because the reputation is soooo bad.

if your telling me this is a good thing i dont know what bad is anymore.


I’d like you to separate the physical from the virtual and ask your friends what kind of people SON members are in real life.

I highly doubt you’ll hear anything negative.


In real life I’m actually a jerk. Who knew?


^^^ he is a jerk, and a real bad e-thug



just allow no one to reply to the thread once it is created. only allow the seller to edit/update it. all responses go though pm only.



im aware the members of son are good ppl in real life. (but some are not. like me)

point being son is full of clowns. end of story.

do somthing or dont its in your hands now


Fact is I am doing something, are you?