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It really is… Then open up that other forum people were muttering about for discussion of FS threads… Keeps the classifieds much cleaner.


I couldnt agree more with you. I recently got banned for a reply in a F/S thread (even though i thought it had something to do with the sale) and honestly, with that it seemed to me that the admins on SON were getting serious on the forums. You have a right to man. Some of these people are getting away with saying some realy reeeeeeaaaalllly stupid things sometimes, which leads SON240to not have more serious members because people think it’s a joke (no offense). Yeah i know you can find that on every forum, but as of this moment, seems to be more evident on this one. Example: “Drama section”, need i say more?

I can’t stand when a 14 yr old eager beaver, with no vehicle of their own, and barely growing pubes tries to give a professional opinion on things like a full engine swap, or valve timing.

Anyways, i give you 2 thumbs up on taking this forum more seriously.


i love how ppl can just get banned without any kind of warning. i dont know bout most of u, but if i was about to buy a set of calipers for 375 and someone told me i can get an entire front brake system for 400, i would want to know!!! all i was doin is lettin buddy know theres better deals so maybe he should lower his prices and i was also lettin the public aware of a better deal on the SAME site. moderators need to get off there fukn power trip and focus on more important shit.


Shutup you lowballing SOB. All you try and do is lowball anywhere you can.

It is a seller’s perogative to sell at the price he wants to. Whether it is fair, cheap, or high, should not and DOES NOT concern you.


there was plenty of warning… if you bother to look.

it’s not up to you (or anyone else) to disturb someone’s for sale thread.

it’s the buyer’s responsibility to do their homework, search for a better deal, and make an informed decision

the only exception is when you the seller is obviously trying to pull a scam OR when you have firsthand knowledge of an item’s patent defect that’s not been listed


If you “Good Samaritans” want to be helpful to potential buyers - take it to PM out of respect for the buyer. That solves the problem.

For the rest of you “Wish I had the money/damn, that’s a good deal/bump for a good seller” posters - no one cares.


Am I the only one that things a ban for the following post is going a bit too far?

Offers or negotiation are legitimate posts, no?


“By agreeing to these rules, you warrant that you will not post any messages that are obscene, vulgar, sexually-oriented, hateful, threatening, or otherwise violative of any laws.”

can someone please tell me where in there is says “useless posting in for sale section”???

This is canada. People have freedom of speech. if any of you were to buy something and found out b4 hand that there was a better deal somewhere else u would THANK the person that told u. and u know it! never have i ever said anything obscene, vulgar, sexually-oriented, hateful, threatening, or otherwise violative of any laws. i know this post isn’t going to get my ban lifted cuz the mediators dont want to show weakness but at least i got my 2 cents in.

Oh and Osad… i made u an offer, and YOUR the one that started freaking out. thats business son. lowballing makes the world go round. u tellin me u never offered someone less than what there asking? now stop your crying and get on with your life.

im sorry for making a new accnt. and evading my ban but i needed to get that out, now i will stay offline until my original ban is lifted.

thank you,

  • No thread hijacking. This section is not for discussion, do not post unless you are interested in buying the item for sale.

This pretty much states it. If you are not interested in the item, don’t bother posting.

Sellers hate it when others post in their thread saying the item is not priced properly, or it’s cheaper elsewhere, or it’s too much or whatever.

Out of common courtesy, stay out of the thread. If you want to help someone out, well, GTS put it best

Oh and btw, This is Canada? Freedom of speech?

Dude this is the Internet. We, the people that run this site, can govern it anyway necessary. Hash? Yes.


yeah and thats awsome for all of you. the mods have the right to do whatever they please and if you dont like it than to bad thats whats going to happen. people getting randomly ban with no warning is silly at times but sometimes nessisary. if you want to argue somthing than do it to the selectivity of the banning. tell me im wrong, if your a sir member that knows the mods personaly you can get away with bloody murder on the foarms and nobody will do jack. were as if your anything else (not knowing the mods personaly) then you say anything your ban, yeah its messed up but thats how it works. i think its dumb that you get ban without warning but its there right to powertrip all they want there the mods there “alowed” to do it. fine grate. or you can say “there not power triping there doing there jobs” however you would like to justifie it is fine by me. i wont loose any sleep. but it is SERIOUSLY FUCKED UP (exuse my french) that the people that know the mods can get away with anything they want on the boards regardless of the rules. dont make me pull up examples because you can go to the FS thread and look at ANY POST and 90% of the time there will be a dumb comment about somthing by one of the sr members. if you want to ban go ahead. dont be selective about it. its dumb. thats my opinion on it. ban me that will just prove it more.

no im not trying to cause anything just voiceing my opinion nothing more nothing less.


Um, Dan is good friends with Mike (spd-dmn) and he’s been banned twice now in the last few months… Same with Mark (Fobwall) he gets banned here and there… I’m thinking your logic is flawed.

Yes it’s not a perfect system, 'cause it’s essentially a 2 tier society, with a “ruling class” so to speak, but that’s just how she rolls man. It’s the nature of forums. Very few are democratic in their Mod selection. (some are)… Just keep your nose clean, don’t be a goof or fucktool, and you’re fine. I’ve received 1 warning since being on here, and that’s it. I’ve never been banned from any forum I’m on. Why? 'Cause I try to keep from being a shit disturber, or making useless posts.

*note: I’m sure I’ll get banned just for saying I’ve never been banned from anywhere :stuck_out_tongue:


do you think i like banning people?

i dont. id prefer not to ban at all … and until this past week, i havent banned anyone for anything, ever.

since people dont like to listen, though, we’re gonna try bans for awhile and see if that helps.

it’s basically the last step being taken to keep some civility in the classifieds.

if banning doesnt get the point across, the next step will be to just disable all replies.

its not our fault that so many people can’t show a shred of respect around here


hmm I dont really like the disable replies idea but I do see your point
maybe we can try what nico does and not allow some one to post in the classified section unless they have a certain post count or been a member for x amount of time
idk just throwing ideas out there =D


That’s been tried and only stops spam, not stupidity. Look at the people making these comments, they’ve been on here for years and have hundreds or thousands of posts…


how about when you compliment someone on their item? huh? why is that so hard, if anything the seller appreciates it and it helps them. If i was the seller i certainly would like some compliments…


Not relevant to making the sale and quite frankly - who cares?

I know as a seller and a buyer, I don’t want to read through 2-3 pages of “wow, good price” or “hey, great product” or “bump for a great seller.” As I’ve said in the past - no one cares.

With respect to the “Let’s try what Nico did” - that is, enforce a “minimum post before posting allowance,” the response was correct. It only eliminates spam but does not avoid clutter.

Carefully, non-biased monitoring is very good way to “shape up the forum.” For noobs who post uselessly and are banned - they will learn the lesson of irrelevant posting. For the more senior members who get banned - well, I can only hope that they learn that we have to enforce new rules on the forums to avoid clutter. I’d even go so far as to say that banning for irrelevant posting is not only a lesson in Netiquette (google it if you don’t know what it means), but real life communication as well. Your life will be made much easier, and you’ll probably go farther if you are able to communicate clearly.

I haven’t been active on the forums but I have been watching it for the past 2 years through the degradation. I’ve just recently decided to start posting because I simply want to help the forum and the club.

Unfortunately, whenever there is a discussion put forth to improve the forums, it goes nowhere. Why? Clutter and utterly useless posts that stray off topic.

My suggestion to anyone wishes to make a point - post RELEVANT and concise posts that follow the rules of English grammar. A wall of text gets you nowhere…even if you do critically damage SON…


good thinking mike

I vote for disabling replies in a for sale thread. only PM/email the seller if interested.
helps prevent bumping a for sale thread.
example “product is good, seen it in person, you can trust him and his product”
and 5day bump rule lets hope
many forums won’t allow you to bump/reply to a thread. ONLY PM.


^i proposed this long ago and they ignored me :smiley:


oh :O, well lets hope it goes through.
it will happen, this will prevent n00bs from bringing old threads from the dead or post whores who just post just to gain attention, oh yeah and prevent shit talkers for ruining threads.

make it happen.


im aware my lojistics on things may be flawed in some foarm or another but you cant tell me im compleetly wrong. sure alot of ppl have been ban and sure not many warnings are givin out anymore (mayeb they should be??) but never the less face remanes that some ppl are almost alowed to make stupid comments where as others are ripped a new asshole for doing it. yeah iv made some stupid comments sure why not. all with reason. i was never warned on the matter. maybe i should have been. yet i get banned and for some reason or another im no longer a member? (wtf is up with that btw)

the needless comments fail to stop and the mods have been trying and trying apperently. i dont care if ppl make dumb comments. harrasment is not stood for tho and thats fine. but the mods say there trying to stop it than why not do somthing constroctive to stop it other than handing out bans like stds from a 5 dollar whore.

speed im sorry if you dont like banning. and its sucks you have to do it but you cant ban half the club and get ppl to the point where im at and thats the “fuck this shit im selling my car and leaving this crap.” point. banning just annoys ppl it dosent teach them anything.

personaly im fed up with the BS on the boards and im sick and tired of the dumb ppl of son. boo hoo cry me a river right? well i am and im getting out of this shit cause i cant stand anything to do with 240s anymore. yes my cars up for sale and all my parts are going to the scrap yard and im not even going to try to sell them cause its to much of a bitch to deal with the shit that comes along with it. personaly my anger stems out from son and everything to do with son. its a joke here and im tired of it. so there hows that because of a club made for the love of cars you are driving ppl away from the cars cause of the crap. the sites got so off of the cars and so onto bullshit and polotics its just not worth it anymore. thats my opinion and its not open to discution or any1s dumb comments for that matter.

somthing need be done about this matter and banning ppl at random wont do jack anymore. thats what im saying. its my opinion and as flawed or wrong as it may be thats what it is. take it or leave it. its not up for discussion.