Ban List


Osad - 1 Day ban for cluttering FS threads with nonsense and chit-chat.




1 month

douchebaggery on a grand level.




put me in coach… no really, Good to see you around and posting Greg, I was starting to wonder…




boba240 3 day ban - Trolling


BAS - sending physical threats in PMS

how did it start
less then 24 hours ago with me commenting on apple sauces post.

here is what its from

Originally Posted by AppleSauce View Post
Fuck man, BAS your posts make me sick. I can’t believe anyone listens to you or lets you work on their car.

then I wrote

as much as you hate on me for unknown reasons. I love your comments , even when they are directed at me…
your barely on the forum but your always sending out zingers

I dont know BAS
and have never delt with him personally or threw friends
i have NOTHING bad to say about him.
he seems like a good guy,
But when people are sending out threats over soemthing to small
thats not the kind of attitude we need in this community.


So where exactly are BAS’ threatening comments?


he said “in PM”

tim, you basically just need to not worry about BAS if hes being agressive. I’ve had several issues between him and I and it always turns out that if you give him a few days to cool off and then say something nice, he’ll be nice back.

Just don’t say anything negative towards him and he won’t go off on you.

to be honest, I’m not sure what would happen if I met Ian in person - he might knock my teeth out or shake my hand but the last communication between him and I was friendly after a whole shitload of unfriendlyness in the past.

I don’t think he holds a grudge for too long.

just be nice :slight_smile:


larree - 1 day ban


i notice a lot of son’lings are banned. what did they do?


most of them were banned for posting “Useless Posts in F/S threads” or spaming threads up with insulting posts. I was banned recently ( On My b-day to be exact)sent an email to you Gonad, hope you got it . I posted in one of the F/S threads and said it was the Best For Sale thread ever. as soon as u know it i get banned along with someone else with a more offensive post. My post wasn’t even directly referring to the “boobs” and i still get banned for 7 days. Whoever is banning members, u should at least send a Pm saying that u will be banned if u dont correct yourself, instead of just banning away half of Son240sx’s newb list. Its just not fair, i see more intermediate posters getting away with alot more things then us “newb posters” would get banned for. I say treat everyone fairly.


You got banned because I said not to troll post and you continued to.

If you aren’t going to listen to a mod/admin, then who?

I’m pretty anal lately with the classifieds section. If I see someone posting things where or when they shouldn’t be, I take action.

Im sorry if it’s Naziish, but deal with it. People take this board wayy too much for granted.

I can’t check every forum or every post so I do what I can when I see it.

And I don’t need to PM you first telling you that you got banned; you’ll see the memo when you try to log in next time. And I’m not always going to file a detailed report as to why people were banned.

And sorry no I didn’t get your e-mail. What e-mail addy was it sent to?


I WANT A SELF BAN GUYS, My GPA IS DROPPING BECAUSE Of SON, DAMN YOU ALL TO HELL lol, I’m just kidding, I’ll try to practice some self control


lol reminds me of Solarian


Haha, I actually did that like… 2-3 years ago :smiley:


sent it to the email on your son profile. But yeah i understand what your saying.


Not productive, nor did it contribute to any kind of resolution.

I’d suggest a ban; and I’m NOT kidding.


Sooo…why was i banned exactally ? it said classifieds but i never posted anything there for a while,espicsally anything out of line …i dunno just wanna know the reason, pm


I want to know what i was exactly banned? Maybe the mod was ban happy and didn’t even read my post? huh?

Let’s see why i was banned here…here was the so called “bad” post in this thread…

nwmrkt - “at least the seller has a good sense of humor haha. The civics clean, good luck on the sale”

As you can see in the thread everyone was ragging on his car, in the attempt to lighten the mood in the thread (i was trying to be frikin nice, who hates nice guys) i complimented the car. And the fact that the op is taking the criticism lightly.

Ok some more…let’s check out another fs thread…
Look at all of these “unnecessary” posts, o wait their more “respected” members (not calling you out, just stating the fact).

In the end if you guys still disagree with me, might as well disable the post function in the classifieds to anyone but the op, and only pm eh?


^^ I think that would be an excellent idea!