Ban List


alwayswantingmore - permaban for being Average Player


bahahhaaha, that lasted what 3 weeks…



Reason: Posting in a thread, after being told to stop posting in an FS thread for no reason other then to stir shit.


Trav_240 - using 2 of his 4 posts to curse members


Hector and Solarian - 1 week

Name calling, fighting, shit we don’t need.


Two birds with one stone! :smiley:


shawn240 - 1 week ban
For egging on moderators in


BAN this fobwallsolarian dude hes spamming up all the threads and pissing me off… and everyone else


Fobwallsolarian is “240sx” on the board. I tried to pm him back but he has chosen not to receive any pm’s on the board. He is probably going to try and sign up with a new username soon since he’s been discovered. I think he should be banned too.


they were both banned


can we ban brandon?


. lol


should ban frankduxx for being a little punk street racer vocaly


honestly u wanna boot me boot me but this other guy is fucked im a professional driver AZ that is more important than street racing this guy prob got the wrong idea talking about american cars on a 240 forum


Forget street racing, lets ban his ass for butchering the english language.


temp bans placed and since expired on TM and BAS. re-placed on TM for not letting the issue go.

most people dont get this many chances but hey, what can i say…


This is an appeal to all admin staff, A_ahmed really, really needs a ban. He insists on posting false technical info, and then argues with everyone when they call BS on him. He’s been doing this ever since he came here, and shows no signs of stopping in the near future.


You couldn’t stop Ahmed from posting even if you had Stoptech 8 piston calipers with rbf600 fluid.


try taurus brakes :thumright:


Alright chatty Cathy’s, let’s keep the jibba jabber in the Drama/Car Chat section.