barking dogs

The fucking dog across the street has been barking non-stop for about a week.

I need to kick the dog in the head and beat the owner with a roll of quarters in a sock.

Why would anyone get a dog only to neglect it and let it bark for 12 hours straight? How is it not pissing them off?

People are fucking morons and I hate dogs.

:bloated: :bloated: :bloated: :bloated: :bloated: :bloated: :bloated:

probably cause it knows you drink wine…

hey btw where did pass mcgrass go?

call the spca say that the guy is neglecting his dog…they do not mess around with that kind of stuff


he ended up on Delaware by Sheridan somehow! No idea how that happened.


The dog is telling you something

we were at prespa though! wow… he’s topped me lol

oh well walk over and tell the dude to shut his fucking dog up

Dont blame the dog, blame the idiot owner.

That dog is super annoying, but it’s definitely the owners fault.

I think blasting an air horn in their window at 3am for a week straight is in order.

Yeah you can come kick the dog across the street from me too. That little fucker never stops

HHAHAHAHA anyone else catch this? Nice!

Brett, buy the dog a steak and tell him if he is quiet he gets it. That way he will be nice and not bark just for you. Or buy him a bark collar and slip it on him one night.

call the cops, the more you call, the better chance they’ll actually show up and get the spca over there.

or complain to the persons landlord?

I would love to to choke you to death.