be careful out there this weekend

got a call from my mom that my cousin was killed last night riding his motorcycle.

this weekend like everyone knows is busy as fuck, and will have a ton of drunk drivers. so please watch yourselves out there, especially if you are doing any night riding…

sorry to hear about your misfortune. i hope everything works out for your family.

My condolences. May I ask what happened? Just curious, I do a lot of night riding myself.

I am sorry to hear that…:frowning:

Is your cousin from around here?

thanks guys. he’s from yonkers.

had another motorcycle crash at work today. some guy didn’t see the bike.

Good point crazy wkend. Sorry about your cuz

I use to love night riding but lately never out at night unless it got dark on me on my way home. Plus deer are too rampant

ouch sorry to hear that I know all to well myself how that feels…

wow, i thought this was going to be some topic about cops are out everywhere or something

but thats really sad news, sorry to hear that man… having a bike really sucks because of this, you never know when your gonna go

wow man sorry to hear.

People reallyyyy don’t watch for people on motorcycles. Me, LKSi, and Murrdog were heading to Lake George Friday afternoon and upon just finishing pumping gas I see this dude try and zip out of Sunoco on Route 9 just over the bridge and SMASH into a guy and his girlfriend on his motorcycle.
I couldn’t believe I saw it, it was one of the more brutal things I’ve seen. Guy and his girlfriend were tumbling in the air, smashed down, dude had a 8-10 inch gash in his leg exposing bone, his gf was in rough shape(screamed when they laid her down because her back hurt).

People really have to keep their eyes open.

yeah, from what i heard, this happened at a stop light. the light turned green and some guy cut across traffic and hit him.