blazer sex

so im getting shit done around the house before going to work and i happen to look outside and see this green blazer pull up and park on the street in front of my apartment.(i live on a quiet side street in cheektavegas) i pay no attention and go on with my business. 20 min later i notice alot of movement in the blazer and see two people in the front seat humpin tint on the windows,2:30 pm…WTF are they thinking just thought id share

yeah, thats a little weird

this thread is missing something…

wheres the pics/vids?

lol run out and take pics

i was gonna say, you should take a pic and add it to that pic of OWNED pics off all the asian people caught in the act in their cars…


def pics or ban

funny how most of those people don’t look like anybody that anybody else would want to be caught having sex with. :rofl:

:lol: thats awesome

I’m sorry. I’ll park somewhere else next time. geeeeez!!!:mad:

I saw 2 people gettin freaky in the Target parking lot on Walden a couple years ago… it was very awkward because it was a 3rd gen F Bod and I went over to admire and I see bare ass pressed up against the steering wheel. They were older people too… ugh.

:lol: haha

there were some people in my work parking lot one night gettin freaky also in a grand am



that’s wack though… 2:30pm… oh well some ppl are freeky I guess.

sometimes it just happens :gotme:

cool :tup:

does skunk know they caught u guys again?

are you sure it wasn’t a red explorer???

lol ohh man u def should gotten pics

you should have walked up to the blazer, dropped your pants and pressed your wee-wee on the windshield…