BMW M3... The most over hyped car ever?

Since I was a kid the M3 has been hyped up as the best sedan evAr! Well I finally drove a V8 yesterday and I was completely underwhelmed. I guess the reality hit that it was just a cheap 3 series you had to piss wind to get any torque out of. Sure when I drove on a twisty road it performed very well but other than that it was completely meh. It didn’t even sound good.
The RS7 has really spoiled me I’m sure but driving the M3 really put it into perspective.

This is one of those problems people love to have, i’m sure. lol love the post.

What year / gen did you drive?

I’ve only driven a handful of them, but I’ve always thought that if you’re making an existing sedan sporty you’re starting from a compromised position.


  1. I thought something was wrong when I first drove it. LOL I had to mash the go pedal and wait about 30 seconds to feel any pull.

If I want to drive around at 6000-8000rpm I will buy the S2000.

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The V8 in a E90 sounds underwhelming lacking torque. I have never drove one though.

@bing’s is supercharged with a bunch of stuff and I gotta say it pulls pretty damn hard. It’s been so long since I’ve been in a stock E90 M3 I couldn’t say if they suck or not, lol.

i would not disagree that a stock V8 M3 would not feel as powerful as an RS7.

Even my M3 with a supercharger loses on the highway to a stock V8-TT BMW M5.

i prefer the smaller, sportier sedan’s driving experience over the larger sedans though. I’ve spent some time in the 2013 M5 and it’s great. definitely a more executive sedan as i am sure the RS7 is as well… but you cannot mash through gears and rip around in the larger cars as well as you can in am M3.

also, i have the Stoptech Trophy kit on for brakes so there isn’t much comparison to stock any longer.

i would be bored with a stock V8 M3 too.

The v8 M3 was a mistake by bmw. Hence they quickly went back to I6 hahah. The F series M3/4 are really fun. They respond very well to Bolt-Ons also.

I just picked up my GLA 45 AMG form the dealer, they were doing the RennTech tune. I am pretty sure it is faster than the M3 I just drove.

You are probably correct. But a lot of cars have gotten much faster in the past 10 years.

Yeah but The cars I am talking about are 2013, 2014, 2015.

i dont think it was a mistake, the V8 M3. each generation of the M3 is interesting in its own way and i think that the V8 M3 will stand the test of time as well as the E46 has and better than the E36 has in large part due to its V8.

This is in the same way that the V10 M6 is already in the process of becoming a unicorn, especially with the 6MT.

I watched a review video where a guy said you can drive it hard forever. One of the comments read…
Knock knock
Who’s there?
Rod bearings

Apparently this can cost you a new $20000 engine.

that is mostly the 2008’s and it is also a pretty easy fix.

i have 175,000 km’s on mine, 100,000kms with the supercharger, and no issues beyond basic maintenance. just had to do the starter last week.

Glad to hear that. I sold my Carrera because of the IMS bearing problem, I certainly don’t want to own another car with a fatal flaw. :slight_smile:
I did not buy it however.

I’d like an F80. It’s such a well rounded vehicle and with a couple easy mods it can really move.

yeah they really look incredible too with just some of the OEM treatments.

i saw a gunmetal one on the highway yesterday with some carbon work, oem performance exhuast and lowered a bit and it was really sharp looking.

not enough of an upgrade over a well modded E90 though so i’ll wait a bit. nothing else i could seriously consider moving into other than the newer model though.

one complaint is the color selection though. there has not been an OEM red in the F80 run at all. You have to go individual collection to get it. to me that seems pretty silly.

You probably already have shoes in most F80 colors, so no problem there.

Bump for more hype

Ever play angry birds?


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