Boost/Vac leak, or not?

Ok, i’ve been trying to trace this down for 3 days now for the two or three hours after work before it gets dark and its pissing me off :tdown:

The car runs perfectly fine, idle is MAYBE 50-100 rpm high, but I am really not certain as I never paid much attention to it before. I can rev it all the way to redline, so long as it is not above 6 psi. Once it gets to about 6 psi, the car will backfire hard, twice usually, and then go limp (out of boost, but still running). Also, one time the car just completely stalled out. So, pressure/vacuum leak right?? Everything points to that but for the life of me I can’t find it, i’ve replaced clamps, suspect hoses, not even ones with evident wear, i mean i’ve check all the ic piping, and they’re fine, and i’ve replaced probably 5 vac. lines. I sat yesterday spraying carb cleaner over all of the lines to try to get the car to studder wherever the leak is, nothing.

So i guess my question is, what better way can i check for a vacuum leak, or, what else could my problem be?

doesnt sound like a vac/boost leak.

sounds like an issue with a sensor

pressure sensor i assume?

could be… or it could be any number of sensors. anything that has anything to do with fuel control is where i would start looking.

maybe a loose/broken connector or bad ground somewhere too.

fun stuff… time to waste another evening on this pos japbox :tdown:

I’m really starting to like my sohc vtec civic now, it doesnt break :tup:

you should swap a front drive sr20det into the back of that thing.

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1)Crank trigger
2)injector seals

i wouldnt say crank trigger, cuz he can make it to redline, its a boost dependant issue… id say map sensor is probably bad, or maybe an injector is sticking… do u have a wideband that u would be able to check why it chokes, is it too much fuel or not enough, my guess would be its totally cutitng out, meaning the map sensor isnt reading the extra boost

if it was a boost leak ud still make it to the psi u want just wouldnt have teh cfm to have power there

maf = poof ?

anyone got a spare mr2 turbo maf laying around? :slight_smile:

paul, that means you :smiley:

edit: and no, i don’t have a wideband

if you would man up, i could sell you my old MAP sensor :wink:

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ill be working on my car again tonight, and this weekend (if i dont fix it tonight) so i’m down to give you a hand :o

ive got the same problem when i run 16 psi with my stealth tt. i get a few backfires up around 4500 rpm and then i think the fuel cuts for a second. scared the shit out of me. i droped the boost under 10 (stock) and it pulls fine. i also get some problems when i start the car…the mfi relay goes crazy clicking and the fuel cuts and starts real quickly for like a minute.