boosted 240 in keisertown?

i was drivin with intense98rt yesterday in keisertown and while at a light on clinton i notice a not so pretty lookn greeninsh brownish 240…dont think anything of it…then the light turned green and turbo spooled blew off by us and didnt sound too ricey(possible rb25 or rb26 swap???) just wondering if anyone knows who it is or if theyre on here. dude was drivin


We know that guy, he’s maddd drifter

crazy camber too right?


there is only so many guys that fit that description.

Yup RJ.

yea, camber slightly off…but it is a sr20??? didnt sound too ricey…hmmmf…sounded nice though

uh… :banghead:

it wasnt a question again, it was more of a “ooooooo so it is a…?” :lol:

Um, it’s is NOT an SR20…

it is an RB20…

o0ooooooo, perhaps i should learn to read better eh?

RB = 6cyl
SR= 4 cyl
hence the non ryce sound

^thanks i knew that much


lol @ RJ being himself

hehehe yep thats def rj :slight_smile:

lolol was this the guy??

LMAO!! That’s him! :lol:

we were at a drift event and the guy that was running at the time was taking 4 ever, so rj just lights um up, tore out liek 1in of blacktop

good ole RJ… what is he up to now adays?

hes in rochester