bought a new powersupply... computer still wont turn on.

i get a status LED, but if i hit the switch i get nothing, i tried shorting the switch too… nothing.

does anyone have a P4 board i can try using? I have an ASUS P4P-800 e deluxe right now…

nice board. Thats what I use.

I have a board, but I wont be home today, friday after 5 would be fine, you can swing over after work

sweet, ill try that. where abouts you live?

so, the mobo gets power… but nothing happens when you hit the power button?

follow the power switch cables to the mobo and make sure they are on securely and in the correct position. Reseat the RAM. PULL ALL CARDS and try again.

broadway, just west of union on the south side

thats becasue your computer hates you newman

we had a chat last we (your computer and i)… and i think it wants a seperation, it just doesnt know how to tell you.

bad ram stick or slot perhaps?

it doesn’t post or anything. vile, i checked all those things.

That’s not a good sign…


gonna try a new mobo on friday if jack is still down.

if i’m down you have to be on top

pls post pics

again, if you lost data give me a pm i can get that shizzel back for 5 mighty bux :slight_smile:

Krazy… i might need some help with my brothers HD. I’ll let you know.

for 5 mighty bux and i can do just about anything with lost data :slight_smile:

just get me the drive. Ill be home this weekend though…

thats the thing, my brother was told it was broke. But I think its fine and the problem is elsewhere, but I didn’t feel like screwing around with it, but I have pics and videos on there that I would like to keep.

if the drive spins i can get data off it, UNLESS the board on the drive is fried. then i have to send it out to a clean room. that costs money :frowning:

but if it spins it usually a good sign.

Dont take “tech’s” word on data being gone. the shit i can pull off a drive is scary enough that i wipe my drive on a weekly basis :wink:

that tech was BuickGN… I’ll have to ask him.

its not that techs are incopetent they are simply uneducated in what a forensic examiner can recover :gotme:


Thanks, Jon. This thread is Holy.

I am already helping newman, so if he doesn’t like how I have taken over this thread, he can take his P4 and stick it in his ass.

BTW - I’m off Friday newman, for the wife’s b-day… so if you can get that board early, like before lunch, I’d really appreciate it. Or even tonight if you wanted, sometime later (11-12 ish)