Brake Problem! Anyone?!

So here’s the story. I replaced my brake pads and rotors on my stock 92 240 about 2 months ago with stock OEM replacements. I noticed my rear right brake was making a rough grinding noise about 2 weeks ago, I let it be, as it went away the following day. But now my rear right brake is grinding every time I hit the brakes. When I inspected the problem, quite obviously the pads were down to nothing, and the rotor was damaged beyond repair. I now have to go out and buy a new rotor and pads for this one wheel. Every other rotor, along with its pads are just fine. So my question is, what caused this? How should I go about fixing the problem before I put new replacements on. I definitely don’t want to be doing this every 2 months.

Thanks alot guys!

could be a bad caliper.

I was thinking that too. Perhaps it’s on its way to seizing, or it’s not releasing fully.

yeah i just picked up a rebuild for 55 bucks, good as new :smiley:

One caliper? Or a set? Both rears? Also where did you pick it up?

one caliper. you wouldn’t find a pair for that price lol.
and if you really want you can upgrade the fronts to the q45 brakes i believe he had them in stock, but i didn’t upgrade due to buying new pads and rotors already.

i’ll get you the number and i’ll pm you.

Awesome thanks. A practically new caliper for 55$ is not bad at all that will ensure I don’t have the problem again.