Is anyone good with the whole budget part of their life?

I have so many things that I have to pay off and pay for that I am getting way too overwhelmed with how to pay everything.

If anyone is willing to help me try and figure all of this out I would greatly appreciate it.

You can email me --> Toastersrbfgurl@yahoo.com if you want to shoot some suggestions my way!

what is your monthly income/bills?

if you really need some help pm me with some digits/ i mean numbers.

its all about sticking to the budget. . .

i’m am good with my budget…i pay the things off that i need to pay for…give or take a week where i run into a small problem…but i have so much crap to pay for…it get’s very aggravating at times…

just figure out how much u make a week or a month…figure out the things you gotta pay for…and write everything down…figure it out that way…

It just seems like the more I think about it, the more aggrivating it seems. I am a server and I NEVER make the same amount everyweek. Especially since its summer, even if I do make a good amount one day, I end up going out and blowing it on drinks and shit.

Does this ever get better?

Summer + Part time work = no $$
School + work part time = SHITTY

I feel i have found the base of your problem.

Bottom line you need to spend less on things you dont NEED and pay off your debt

I was going through the same thing for a while. I had a credit card I got in over my head with, and then transferred the balance onto a few other cards and felt like I was paying 18 bills a month and never getting anywhere with it. I just took out a debt consolidation loan through my bank. The amount I’m paying on that is less than all my CC minimums were, plus I feel like I’m getting out of debt instead of seeing it stay the same every month. I also get the added bonus of less interest (my card was 24.99% apr) and I can pay back on the loan whenever I want.
This will help you with accumulated debt, but if you have too much to pay for right now then I would suggest another job, or just a different one.

take all your monthly bills and add them up, divide that by the number of paychecks you get a month, remove that amount for each paycheck as soon as you get it and put it aside, use left off money as you see fit. Thats how i do it and it works for me.

go out less, pay your bills before using your money for fun shit. it’s really not much harder than that.

if you’re only working part time in the summer, you’re not working hard enough :wink:

If you stop writing in Pink it will all just go away.


You should really try and pick up more hours - my g/f has the same problem, and then she comes and makes withdrawls from the bank of Tom :rofl:

And If you are broke now, just wait until you get that GSX…

runs :smiley:

get a copy of quicken

it will help you get a hold of your financial situation. you will be able to track how much you’re spending/making… and where its going/coming from.
if you’re in the red every month, then you need to look and see where you are over spending.


a budget is only as good as you are at keeping to it

Stop buying things you don’t need. Sounds like you have become fond of credit without the actual responsibility to use it as you should. You need to stop building debt until you have paid off what you have, esp. since you don’t have very consistant work/income.

You are young, you aren’t supposed to have everything. It get’s better when you work hard in school or whatever you do and get a good job.

Actually, then you just have more debt and want more expensive things, so I lied, it never gets better :mamoru:

Yeah, its all about sticking to a budget. Not trying to pat myself on the back, although I am ~somewhat~ proud, but I have never used a credit card, never been in debt, paid for the car and tuition, and work 70+ hrs over the summer. Im looking at buying an STi now, and will only have to finance a very small portion of it. I owe it to my ability to live on $30/week while making $500+. My only issue now is that I have no credit, as ive never had a credit card…

Getting another job sounds like a great idea, except I have 100 hours of community service I have to complete before going back to school in August.

What’s wrong with PINK[color=Black] hahaha…at least I’m a chick writing in pink and not a dude!!!

oh well…I’ve done some figures on paper and it doesn’t seem to add up, I am actually looking forward to going back to school so I have less time on my hands to get drunk.

Thanks for all the advice…


i’m in the same boat as you, i deliver pizzas and most of my income is from tips. i only make minium wage hourly. there was a time when i was seeign a girl who was a fucking lush, i would go out to bars every night of the week and spend all of my tip money. and i wondered at the end of the month why i couldn’t pay all my bills… stopped seeing said girl, and found better things to do with my time than drink (it helps to live with straight edge kids) and i have money in the bank at the time!!1 omg!!!
but it was a hell of a time while it lasted…

Do you smoke?

Stop smoking

Stop driving everywhere?

Don’t go out as much

Don’t go out to eat as much

find a sugar daddy


I do pretty much the same as sir jeeves and set aside money as soon as I get paid. Usually at the beginning of the month I set aside substantially more money than necessary so at the end of the month I’m not digging in the couch to make a bill or go out and do something to entertain myself. Quicken will definitely help you get ahold of your financial situation, but it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to compute average monthly bills and income and come up with a steady system of setting money aside. :tup:

My fiance is a waitress, and she is very financially stable. Paying her way through college (working on masters) driving a new Liberty, paying health insurance, car insurance, school, taking me places, going on vacation and doing whatever we want (responsibly) and still saving for a house.
Her secret is envelopes. She has like 10 envelopes she keeps money in. Each envelope is labeled with what its for, how much / week and what should be in there by the end of the month. When she gets home from work with the cash, she puts some on one envelope and some in another envelope. as long as you know what everything is goig to cost you monthly, you can save on a daily basis. She is now completely in charge of my money. 2 weeks ago I owed a lot of money to a lot of people/places. This week I was actually up a couple bucks. By May 2006 I will not owe a damn dime to anyone, and will be keeping a lot of my income to myself.

If you need more info, I can put you in contact with her.