Buffalo Coffee Thread


Did we have a coffee thread already?

Josh and I try as many places as we can over there. Remedy House is my fav because of the room they put together. Rowhouse, that place in the Lafeyette building and Tipico are also great.

We do have as many or even more great places like this in Hamilton as well.


I’m sitting at Public Espresso right now, lol.


bring me one.


The major hitters have already been named. I agree Tipico and Public are killing it, Remedy as well. I believe Tipico is working on a parkside location. Sweetness 7 knows their stuff, and their quick pours are great. They also have food, and now have Tabernacle next door/connected for adult beverages and dinner. Very very interesting space I high recommend everyone checks out. Cafe Aroma’s coffee and espresso are not great by any means, but they make up for it in ambiance. Spot keeps a well trained staff and provides a good product, especially elmwood and delaware/chippewa. Intersection should be doing things right coming up as they have a very knowledgable staff, same with Taza’s relocation.

Tipico as you likely know has their roastery in my building. They’re planning to build a finished section for education classes, tastings, offer tours, and I believe hope to incorporate a cold brew bottling facility.


bro Josh and i knocked on your door a couple times when leaving Remedy House. you werent around.


Imma check out the remedy house. I usually go to spot.


Bro. Spot? Stop.


honestly I used to have 100K shares so I always supported them. Then after HODLing for a year and making 46 cents on my investment I sold everything and now drink coffee wherever its convenient lol


Curious what people think of Goodrich Coffee in Clarence. Started stopping there on lunch to get a coffee. I’m not huge on all the other drinks these places offer. But would like to know what others think.


hmmm ive never gone out of my way for coffee but I may consider doing so now


Spent some time at Undergrounds today. I like their coffee and unlike Spot or some places I can always find a seat to sit down and do work, lol.


Who has time to drink coffee outside of work??

I’m luck to gulf down my cheap ass Folgers before I have to do my running around and at work…yeah I’m not buying $14 a pound grounds.


Bro, the market is at full employment. Should shouldn’t have to work more than 20 hours a week if you’ve been hustling for the last decade.

Looking at my first retirement around 40, maybe send the wife to work and take a few years off and drink all the coffees


I need you to talk to my school administrators then lol.


the Ford plant has pretty good coffee, its 35 cents a cup, best powdered creamer around


I’ve been in and out a lot since the automotive business is scaling back/now done. Sometimes I’m out on lumber runs, sometimes I just catch up on my bookkeeping from home. Hoping to be done with the renovations before the new year, in which case I’ll never be there anymore heh. Hoping to save money over winter and buy another 2-3 unit next summer. M coupe comes first though.


always put cars before real estate :slight_smile: