Coffee at home??

I like having the coffee maker to turn on so I have a cup right when I get out of bed before I jump in the shower.

Whats a good coffee?

I bought a can of timmy hoes and meh it was alright,

I’m not into really bold coffee

heading out to get some in 30 minutes

Blue Mountain Coffee on Elmwood. My mom goes twice a week. :slight_smile:

I just polished off a can of timmy ho’s and its not the same as when they make it.

Green Mountain is good stuff.

“Breakfast Blend” Coffee’s are usually not bold.

timmy hos from timmy hos > *

^ i am all about timmy hos, but they don’t deliver, and I love that first coffee when I get out of bed

the best coffee you will ever have will not come from a perculator (wow that has to be spelled wrong). get one of those stainless strainer things and a decent bean grinder. i like coffee…sometimes. then i had a friend who is an avid coffee drinker make me a cup of it this way. he used his "any dumbass who likes coffee) beans and it was incredible. the next cup he made was his best beans and i have to tell you, it was a much different experience.

it is just as easy to make if not easier. grind beans the night before. wake up, boil water, mix, strain, LET SIT (this is important and i dont know why) for 2 1/2 minutes, consume. it will be the best tasting, strongest kick in the ass coffee you have ever had. rinse to clean up and you are done :slight_smile:

i would do that i i could actually get my ass out of bed in the morning. i think i hit snooze 6 times today.

and werd
in a pinch i will use the 8 o’clock whole beans.

I like Gevalia

coffee from Costa Rica

no too strong… .just right :slight_smile:

i can have this arranged to get u some :snky:

My bro gets this shit from the lexington on elmwood and it’s seriously the best fucking coffee ever. I’ll ask him later what the stuff is actually called. I know you’ll need a grinder though to grind the beans fresh but those are mad cheap to pick up if you don’t have one yet.

hook me up!!!

medium sweet.

i hate coffee, but my gf has some called ‘sinful sunday’ from and it’s really good. also, tim horton’s from th’s is amazing. i used to crave that coffee, even when i refused to drink it. that’s how i know it has some sort of crack in it.

starbucks decaf is decent

I get coffee from timmy hoes to make at home. Taste just like it does when I buy it there. Took me a few time to get it right.

this can be arranged :slight_smile:

explain. that coffee is amazing.

its all in the light cream they use :slight_smile:

at least to me it is.

Premier on Sheridan…large selection of whole bean coffee.50+ Varieties.


who drinks decaf? why drink coffee if you’re not in it for the effect? :lol: