Odd calls???????


its prolly a collection call. When I did collections that would happen all the time. Its most likely a previous persons number who owed money to the company… like a credit card wise.

can u get the number blocked?

i would have guessed it was devin.:tounge:

If you call the phone carrier for your cell phone… they will trace the call as a annoyance or nuisance call, and after it calls your cell phone so many times… I think 3 or 5… they will press charges against the caller.

yeah because of it being a cell phone i can’t get it blocked and i would hate to change my number…the who thing is from what I gathered and by what others have posted about htis number its NOT a collection call. So it just bothers me that after all this time of having my phone I just started getting these calls and they just wont quite.

And I ruled Devin out when I didn’t hear loud panting on the other line. :wink:

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Really??? okay I will call and do that…thanks

I have heard about people stealing cell phone signals and making it look like they are calling from your phone… but that may be an Urban legend… someone may have highjacked that persons cell phone.
Maybe it’s Al Qaeda…


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had a similar sit. do you say hello at least 3 times, usually they say somthing after the 3rd.

alright its me, i hacked the hickathingy, uploaded, my surleykeyomatic, and dialed up your number.

Why you ask? Cause you didnt say hi to me at the pinks thing.

and that weird tone is my wackin it REALLY fast, like a humming bird… :wackit:

This is NOT an urban legend, it’s totally true and doable. I have used this website to change the caller ID on my cellphone at times:

It really does work and you can make the caller ID be any number you want.

That’s sweet, but I can’t believe it’s so easy…this could be a really useful tool…

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Yeah, that shit’s annoying, a lot of times they hang up right after that.

so is anyone registered on the “national do no call list”?? would that help??