Buick > my Alero

Thursday night, I’m driving home from my friend’s house. She lives like 2 or 3 blocks from the river and three blocks from road XXX. Anyway, on the major roads between that point on the river and my area of Amherst, a dark 80-something Buick roars right by me. I figure, I wanna get home fast, he would know a decent path. So eventually, we’re coincidentally lined up at a light. I “stage” at the line, and he’s back about a car length. Light hits green and I didn’t hear or see anything for about 3 seconds. I’m well cleared of the intersection then all I hear is thunder and tire screeching, and then the Buick is probably about 6-7 car-lengths ahead of me. He took the left turn at the next light near a certain police station and donut shop and I gave him 2 friendly toots of the horn for sportsmanship…if you wanna call it that. lol

whenever i hear dark-80s something buick, all i think is SBC or 3.8 turbo regal - wonder what it was

no street names or mommy will come looking for you

Hrmm…Olds Alero vs. Buick Grand National. Gee… I wonder who’d win? Good sportsmanship though with the toots.

not necessarily a grand national my friend owns a all black regal t-type…same thing i know but still.

I wasn’t really trying to race him. He was in a hurry, I was in a hurry. I figured a little fun at the light wouldn’t harm anybody.

you should look for races of more your calibur…you should stick to those gay srt4’s that are nuthin but neons

this kill story deserves a :bloated:

Next story: I raced this riced out pickup, said something with a 10 on the back.

whatever. this section would be 10x bigger if all you guys posted all your losses too.