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So I’m sitting at a light waiting for it to turn green, when I hear tires squealing right in front of me. WTF? Some guy in a Buick Riviera Supercharged was looking right back at me through his rear-view mirror, while trying to launch his car. I follow suit.

We get moving and I since my entrance to the highway is coming up I decide to just get into the onramp lane and be done with it, but he decides to do the same.

So now were on an on-ramp; me driving normal, him gunning it in the straights and throwing the car into the turns - the car looking like a fat girl on a balance beam. So I decide to join him, all the while keeping my distance just in case he hits a wall.

As soon as the ramp merges to the main highway I see his car jump as we both gun it. And I pass him like he’s standing still. All the while he’s looking at me.

He didn’t want to play anymore after that.


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omg reminds me of this idiot in a late 80’s porsche the other day…

Maybe he just likes the turns?


3.8s are OMG gay


I swear pwning ignorant slow people is more fun than actully racing cars that are close to your own game…


way to rep the nissan crowd…