Burning out bushings! asap

Hey guys, i’m looking for a shop in toronto with an acetylene torch or some method of burning out my subframe bushings. Looking to get this done quickly within the week. Strongly prefer the shop to be closer to york region, west side of scarborough or north york if possible. Shops i frequent are either too busy or cant give me a quote or are unwilling.

Need it done within the week, anyone got a good shop to reccomend?


Contact Zoom Automotive. 416-722-6144 - Dan likes to kill things with fire.

doesnt c tire sell torches? just heat and hammer cal.

No pussy propane torches, i need something serious. I went back to highschool shop where we had an acetylene but shop teacher said something about not influencing current students, safety, insurance and a bunch of other generic responses so he wouldnt do it. Thanks sam i’ll give them a call.

drill out around the bushing using a drill

than hammer it out

it isnt hard

QFT. i was there when they did chris’ bushing for his old sil40. it wasnt that hard. you just need to be careful with the drilling.

u gusy are homos.
he asked for a shop tha could do it not wat u think should be done or hwo to do it.

cal pm me

Thanks guys but i just dropped it off at a shop in scarborough that Sam reccomended. I wanted to drop it off at a shop because i just dont have time to work on my car.

Gonggster and his buddy Nigel at Zoom automotive were very good about taking my subframe and calling me when they finished. Going to pick it up tonight and then going to drop it off at Brightside on thursday. Hopefully have my entire subframe assembled and ready to be put in next week.