buying rims... what size?

im buying xxr 526 rims for my s14
im getting the rears 18x10.5 +20

front options :

17.00 x 9.00 35
17.00 x 10.00 20
18.00 x 9.00 25
18.00 x 9.00 35
18.00 x 10.50 20

i wanna slam the car pretty low and i will roll the front fenders…dont really wanna use spacers but if i have to i will…tire sizes too please

btw im paying 950 to the door
thanks for the help

im not sure if s14 is much different, but none of those offsets will clear coilovers in the front of an s13. you need 17x9 +20 minimum. and that gives you 5-10mm clearance

actually that 18x9 25 might just barely fit with a 2-3mm spacer, no studs required

or just buy my enkeis

18x9 + 25 front (might need small spacer to clear coils/brakes) with 215/40
18x10.5 + 20 rear with 225/40

You could also run 17/18 setup but you’d have to be a man to pull it off… like so:

buy bigger wheels.

If you want to really low. do 17x10 20 offset( gonna need spacers, and roll +pull+camber) and 18x10 20offet. Roll might be enough with camber.