Byron Brown on his way out?

Anyone been following the latest scandal for Mayor Urkle?

If you want to follow the news articles in order, here:


Then the blog entry I posted.

We can only hope…

I guessing he will still win the primary. It will be the classic “he looks like me so I voted for him”. And when it comes to Buffalo a lot more people look like Brown than Kearns.

this type of stuff happens quite a lot. it’s a shame that there isn’t more integrity in public office. as they say, power corrupts.

Surprised he hasn’t pulled the race card like his boy Paterson.

This race would be a lot funnier if Kearns’ last name was White.

I guess he doesn’t have to since he knows skin color is going to get him re-elected regardless of how much dirt gets dug up.

An unusually emotional Mayor Byron W. Brown told reporters today that he is “getting sick” of being the target of “dirty politics” and will have nothing more to say about allegations that he helped restaurateur Leonard Stokes avoid arrest in a 2007 police investigation.

Here’s a novel idea…deny the allegations and call it a day.

I find it funny that he will have nothing more to say about it, when he hasn’t said anything about it other than trying to blame someone else.

this thread sucks.

Absolute power, corrupts absolutely.

Brown and Kearns tied in latest poll. :tup:

And even better, the poll was done before Byron’s latest scandal with preventing his One Sunset buddy from being arrested, then intimidating the cops who were looking into it.

Brown leads Kearns 86% to 13% among black voters. While Kearns leads among white voters 64% to 29%.

I heard the FBI is looking into it. I don’t think intimidation will work for him there.

It is a crock though. A crooked motherfucker he is.

And this is news? I thought it was assumed by now.

I don’t know what old Byron did to piss off the Buffalo Snooze but they are ripping him a new one. Three articles today.

What makes it worse is the public money that he got and flushed down the toilet. No doubt his friend, the mayor played a part in getting him the cash.

This would be one of the all time great upsets if Kearns pulls it off. Paladino’s support definitely helps if it isn’t too little too late, he’s one of the few people in this city that get shit done. I’m thinking about volunteering for him in the next couple days even though I don’t live in the city, and never would in its current state.

The one big thing Kearns has going for him (well, besides Byron’s complete and total corruption) is that the typical primary voter is more likely to be a Kearns supporter. Byron will carry the uneducated ghetto no problem, but the vast majority of the uneducated ghetto doesn’t even know when the primary is.

ACORN will save the day for Byron.