Calling DSM gurus

I recently purchased a 1g TSi for my winter beater, the manual tranny shifted like shit from day one. While driving down the thruway yesterday i lost every gear but first…weird. I limped it off the thruway and looked under the hood to find the bolts were missing that holds the linkage cables to the tranny. I found one that fit and got 1st, 3rd and 5th gear to work. Fast foward to today I installed a second missing bolt and still only have the same 3 gears working and 1st is almost impossile to get into. The question i have or am wondering is if anybody would be willing to come to my house and take a look at it, im fairly certain it will be just some adjustments to the cables but i am not confident enough in myself to even try. Would love to drive it to a shop so Carnut or anybody could look at it but thats pretty much out of the question with only 3rd and 5th gear working. Any work done will be conpensated with $$, beer and or food. just really need this car moving since the S2000 is off the road. Thanks in advance, Brad 716-807-8691

If your taking it to dons shop just have Gary look at it… Good luck I hope you get it fixed hate to see a fellow dsmer down

Can’t drive it anywhere lol and a tow from my house to their shop is more then the car is worth lol.

LOL what a shit situation Brad but cmon, its a DSM you should have seen this coming…

Oh i totally did see it coming, but was hoping it would have made it half wat thru the winter atleast lol. live and ya learn.

3rd and 5th is enough to move a car when there isn’t a lot of traffic on the roads.

Driving from Pendleton to Lancaster will be pretty tough

Was this jscrappkers car?

I kinda lol’d


yes it was, and i was fully aware that the car was a beater lol, but the engine runs great so i really want to get this tranny stuff figured out.

I think that car has a different trans for the year in it.


Key words here are “I think” IIRC it has a different trans, shifter and shifter cables for the year. You can visually identify all of this on vfaq. Keep this in mind when getting new cables if you need them.

^^^ im pretty sure the cables are different from 90-91 and 92-94. Also the shift linkage brackets may be different, but can be swapped over if you have to get a new tranny.

but have you tried this too? if it was missing a bolt under the hood, maybe they messed with the adjustment in the car and its throwing everything off.

90 is different from 91-94

Hey man just saw this. Both bolts were in when I sold it, and I haven’t had them off for at least a few years. This seems rather odd that they spun out. Since the cables were tight from sitting, I would assume they just worked out over the past few days. I did spray the cables (therefore the bolts too) with PB blaster to try and free the cables up so that may have helped expedite the process (that’s why I am sure both bolts were in it).

I’ll see if I can swing up there this weekend and give you a hand if you still need it.

Thanks alot good sir. I believe that all the bolts were in there when i bought it, but i think the high horsepower machine vibrated them out lol. I will be trying to work on it today so if you have a chance shoot me a text.