can someone translate an italian email for me?

Hey Guys.

I made the mistake of letting international bidders buy my hard drive on ebay.

Google language tools won’t translate most of what he’s saying.

From what I can gather, he is bitching that the shipping costs too much, and I used too big a box. I used a big western digital hard drive box because thats what hard drives need to be shipped in. Now I think he’s saying that the hard drive is damaged. I think he didn’t read the auction, as the tool who owned the drive before me broke the native power connector off it.

Recibi el HD pero esta dañado, y la caja 10 veces mas grande de lo necesario costò USA 22 el trasporte…El disco fuè golpeado y roto ANTES de empacar…como arreglamo??? Saludos Gabriele

looks like Spanish to me anyway lol

tried that also before I posted, neither one is working right for this email.

the spanish to english translation almost works completly

I thought that also!

Recibi the HD but this damaged, and the great box 10 times but of necessary costò the USA 22 transports… struck and broken the disc fuè Before empacar… like arreglamo? Gabriele Greetings

you had a picture showing the damage… isn’t there another power input on the drive?

mine had the sata power thing, and the oldschool power 4 pin dealio… I’d tell him to go suck a rail road spike

I received the Hard Drive on my patio, it should have cost 10 bucks. Instead you you used some unnecessarily huge fucking box from America (Fuck yeah!) that cost 22 bucks to ship…

The disco funk on the Golpeado, they demand your ambassador… are you a pirate?!?



Disclaimer: I don’t know any italian, or foreign lanugages for that matter. But guessing just makes it more fun!

Honestly if the problem was in the auction, then it would be AS-IS at this point. Handle it how you see fit, and sell to people you can understand.

Yeah there is a molex power connector also.

This happens to me all the time on ebay, douchebags from out of the country will bid stuff through the roof, then try to scam me when they get it.

another amazing reason why I DON’T use ebay

Thats funny man, I took your quote seriously up until the disclaimer, haha.

I secure wiped the drive before i sold it, so that nobody got their paws on my pr0n collection.

Thats why I refuse to sell over seas. Shipping is a PITA and the chances of getting legit buyers (for me at least) is slim to none, so I just say f-the noise and just deny buyers from other countries.

Recibi the HD but this damaged, and the box 10 times but large of the necessary thing costò USES 22 the trasporte. …El disk fuè struck and broken BEFORE packing. …como arreglamo? ???

that’s all i got.

i received the hd but it’s damaged, and the box is 10times bigger than necessary. was $22 for shipping. the disk got hit and broke before being packaged. how can we arrange/fix the problem???

el subasta era por el hd come esta.(as is.) el hd estaba trabajando bien antes de madartelo. si tienes problema, entonces debias de aver pagado el transporte mas el seguro. debes de clamar el producto al correo que te dio. yo lo vendi como estaba y estaba trabajando bien antes de mandar.

perdone pero no es mi culpa. tienes que preguntar al correo…

something like that…

Due to the nature of hard drives, I will sell this one as guaranteed working, and I will not accept any returns on this drive for any reason.

[COLOR=blue]so are you giving a guarantee or not??[/COLOR]
[COLOR=blue]i am confused now…


Heya, itsa too-a expensive-a

wassa matta you?

Its a common phrase with selling electronics.

Guaranteed against DOA means that it will work when you get it, but I’m not going to warranty it for anybody. In other words you can’t send it back because you changed your mind on it.

fyi, the douchebag ended up leaving me positive feedback in english.

So who knows.