Capital Region Meet

So in May there is supposed to be the Capital Region Meet (kind of like the last huge meet of the season last year) but its an actual event.

Apparently there is going to be a good amount of sponsers’ there along with a dyno, possibly bikini car wash, etc. This one is actually going to be organized (unlike most meets). Which means cops will know about it and most likely be there to keep an eye on everyone. The organizers are actually working on a location to rent out for the whole day last I checked.

Alec Stanners who is one of the guys helping organize the whole thing is a bud of mine so I figured I’d start grabbing opinons and possible ideas about it all from the guys on here so have at it. What do you guys think abut the whole thing? Would you show up? Possible ideas for the event?

Location is going to be key. Best of luck to them with that.

With how things turn out, I’ll likely be scheduled to work that day, not sure if I’ll be taking day off for it.

Make it a Sunday!

Just a general question. For meets like these, how does the organizer procure a location for the event and do they have to pay for using that location? If they are paying for the spot, how much do they charge for a day? How much do these events charge for admission?

Hopefully not the first weekend in May. New England Sports Car Club tends to do a season opener that weekend out in Colt State Park.

last I checked they are trying to keep it away from any other big car meet to keep as much interest as possible.

The organizer gets in contact with the land owner and it depends on so much stuff for pricing (or if the landowner is even willing). But I know Alec and the other organizers are going based off a central meeting point to make it easier to get to and not to far out for everyone. Admission is based on how much it is to run the event such as vendors and whatnot.

It really is a “it all depends on” situation with this meet.

The only reason i am asking is this:

Lime Rock Park: The Road Racing Center of the East
Did you know that you can rent out our entire upper area (that includes the full autocross, skidpad and an instructor) for only $3,500 for a full day? Whether you bring carts or cars, its an inexpensive and easy way to have fun and practice car control. Get in touch with us at (860) 435-5000 if you’d like to schedule a day while there are still 2013 dates available! Its a perfect activity for a bachelor party, business event, or just a day of fun with friends.

source: Facebook

Talk them into giving a large chunk of parking for the show also and you get to actually do stuff on a track, albeit smaller.

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Sorry about that guys. Completely forgot there was a 518 events thread my fault.

ill share this with Alec. Thanks!

bumpppp cmon guys need more ideas!

The first week of May your not havin no bikini car wash…

Fyi Most of the cars won’t meet the sound requirement at Lime Rock to go on track. Also, not sure if they’d want 500+ cars

I do like the idea

This would be soo awesome

There’s not that much parking there though. It gets filled up during drift/autox events so this would probably be worse

i’ll be there, i’m looking forward to it

Hey guys wanted to say thanks for the attention on the meet. I havent posted on here in a while but my names Alec I am the one organizing the meet with a close friend of mine. May was a tentative date but after alot of review and the availability of locations It’s looking to be a little later in the season. This will give us less of a chance of getting rained out as well. We have a location we are 99% sure on and have a meeting tomorrow with the people to put the deposit down and sign all the papers. We are keeping the location to ourselves until its official but I can tell you all that it’s huge and local. We have some great sponsors and if anyone on here is interested in being a sponsor feel free to get in touch with me. We are looking to have a dyno, fireworks, food, vendors, tuners on site (in talks now), tinting (hopefully on site), professional photo shoots, raffles, trophies, competitions including: exhaust, 2step, car limbo, burnout (in a set area away from people and security will walk each person through including checking the car to make sure e-brake and everything is up to standards). We will have a security team, a parking team, and the police and an ambulance will be there as part of the insurance for the event. We are planning this event endlessly and we are open to any suggestions anyone may have. I look forward to more of these in the future if all goes well we hope to grow and evolve the show yearly and see what we can do!!/events/343149389114089/?fref=ts

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Ugh… Saturday. Will not be there

Am i the only one that thinks $45 to attend a car show is high? I haven’t attended many shows…