Car Spotted Thread

We got S14 Koukis here in the USDM. No conversion needed.

black s13 hatch with wangan style wing and black mesh wheeles with polished lip traveling on dixie towards rathburn nice car man :smiley:

Cool, I didn’t know that. Thanks.

Saw a silver 91+ s13 fully tinted, metal wing on the back with dark (black/gunmetal) rims with silver/polished lip. Going east on the 401 from Sauga to Allen road (where I got off). Anyone here? Nice ride…

Canadian Tire Gas station in oakville. I beleve someone with a nice red s14b works there. anyone here?

the cleanest white s13 coupe with silvia front , pulled up beside him and made eye contact, unfortunatly i was in my dads altima at the time so i guess it wasnt much, oh it was seen heading towards brampton on hwy10

NDTO that was probbley varun
his car is so clean

Saw an S14, think it was a 97+ at Finch and Midland.
Taco Bell/Pizza Hut Plaza.
Stock yellowish beige paint.
Big exhaust with IC. Very clean looking car.

power blue (VERY nice color btw) pignose hatchback, with lip. had some sort of side skirt, but i couldn’t tell what kind. stock everything else, looked VERY clean.

it was parked in a driveway, facing the street, on either Lakeshore or Carlton street, in St.Catharines, sometime in the afternoon on Easter Sunday.

Runnymede & Bloor. Someone in a black '91-'94 fastback. I was sitting in my red car, trying desperately to get the damn thing to start (fuel pump died on me) – they were picking up their g/f.

Anybody here? If so, nice wheels. Simple but nice. :smiley:


Yesterday, St. Catharines, (Bunting Rd.)

Blue 240sx, blown out read windshield! it was a 89-90 i believe. Felt your pain bro, it was wearing on your face!

edit: could of been 2 days ago…

This afternoon I spotted a black s13 that was all turbocharged. this was was sweet with the nice fmic. It was driving across 3rd line in Oakville. If anyone here I would like to talk to you :slight_smile:

Spotted: Black 1992 Fastback w/ Silvia Front End Red Hood, Purple Rear
Bumper, Stock Exhaust, Spearco FMIC, SR20DET with Stock BOV…

I was at the tims this morning at speers and 3rd in oakville, i heard a loud exhaust turned around and seen a Red 240 fly by. Im thinking it could have be benson??? 3rd and speers, at around 10-11 i believe?

I dont think Mike has and exhaust. Did it have an Integra Wing?

as far as i can remember, no wing at all, it did have dark tint tho i believe

Nope that was not me. I have a stock Breathing system, a spoiler (not a wing) and no tint :slight_smile: You can tell it me is also from the shaved symbols and the license plate in the window. hahahaha and so you know it is Matt :slight_smile:

Saw a red S13 with 17" silver wheels and an exhaust going north on Warden at 401… you passed right by me and Yashin, unfortunatly neither of us were driving 240sx’s so you wouldnt have noticed. :lol: :roll:

purple s14zenki with black oem lip, around hurontario and eglington , guy stared at me so i guess he knew what i was driving

Hey man noticed your from oakville. maybe i’ll see you drivin around some time in the area :slight_smile: I drive a black s13 coupe, can’t miss me since i’m probably the only one around here with Manitoba plates. Who else on here is from oakville? Sorry 'bout the thread jack :stuck_out_tongue: