carbon fibre parts

i was looking around for a carbon fibre roof on the internet and came upon this.

what do you guys think?how many pounds does it actually save.i suppose to install this you would have to remove your windshield,hatch and cut your roof,leaving about an inch of metal around and rivet the roof on.

180SX (RS13, RPS13) for Kabonrufupaneru
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180SX : RS13、RPS13 180SX: RS13, RPS13

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車両最上部にあるルーフパネルをカーボンパネルと交換することによりスポーツ走行時の車体の運動性能を向上させます。 Improves exercise performance sports car when driving through the exchange of carbon panels and roof panels at the top of the vehicle.

waste of time and money just unique for $500 go for it let us know how it goes

i doubt the stock roof weighs much anyway tbh.

I think its more for looks, and “cool” factor rather then weight savings

What the hell is the point of a carbon fiber roof??..Honest…:expressionless:


cuz its JDM tyte son


Same advantage as a carbon fibre trunk or hood, just with more work involved (assuming you cut out the old roof and leave mounting points where those bolt holes are). Of course, if you’re to do that you’d need to have a cage in there to restore the rigidity…


I think it looks a lot better then filling in the sunroof with peace of cf. I would defiantly go this way for weight savings or just a regular peace of sheet metal, But only if I were to get rid of the sunroof and its surrounding structure.

Plus you look baller while doing it

pretty stupid mod IMO, removable parts like the hatch and hood or whatever elese you wanna do if fine but the roof just seems …pointless and maybe even bad for the chassis flex?

it would probably add strengh carbon fiber is stronger then stock metal but it all depends on how it is secured

yeah i was thinking adding a x brace out of aluminum would do he trick.but it would be a great idea if your roof is rusted or dented

Well, it’s not necessarily stronger. Depends on the thickness and how it’s made (if there are ridges on the bottom for strength, for example). Carbon fibre has a greater strength to weight ratio, but is not necessarily stronger. Anyways, it is possible to install this and retain all or most of the factory rigidity, but you’d need to bond it to the body along every edge.

I don’t think those roof skins replace the whole roof…just the skin no?

This is what I’m talking about, except this guy replaced it with a new metal roof.
I don’t think rigidity is an issue.

i don’t think rigidity is an issue to.just as long as you leave the frame intact

My roof has dents from when it wash shipped from the J-Pan. How much are these roofs? I need to either do body work and fix mine, or replace it :frowning:

50,000 yen

50,000.00 jpy


584.732 cad